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Assessment 2 Assessment Type: Company Report – 1,200 words (+/- 10%); individual assessment Purpose: The purpose of this report is to demonstrate research and academic literacy skills. Building on...

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Assessment 2
    Assessment Type:
    Company Report – 1,200 words (+/- 10%); individual assessment
    The purpose of this report is to demonstrate research and academic literacy skills. Building on Assessment 1, you need to produce writing that is clear, concise and meaningful, whilst now incorporating evidence from sources. The structure, format, cohesion and coherence of report writing needs to be demonstrated. This is a text type that Business students are often asked to produce, so this will give you an opportunity to walk through the steps of the report-writing process.
    Due Date:
    Sunday of Week 9 – submit by 5:00PM.
    Upload a soft copy in one Microsoft Word document to Turnitin via Moodle. The submission must include a KOI cover sheet.
    Task Details:
    Include the following sections in your assessment submission:
Cover sheet
1. Introduce the industry you are focusing on
2. Your company
2.1 One aspect the company excels at
2.2 Another aspect the company excels at
2.3 One aspect that the company is criticised fo
3. Conclusion & Recommendations
Ground the reader in the topic by introducing the industry that you are focusing on. Then describe your chosen company within that industry. Analyse the company by specifying two aspects that the company does well and one aspect that it is criticised for. Finally, summarise the main points that you have put forth in your report and give recommendations for how the company could improve.
    Research requirements:
    Include a minimum of four sources, using the Harvard Anglia referencing style.Please use RefWorks and double check that the references are co
    · Include a cover sheet as the first page of the submission.
· Use appropriate numbered headings and subheadings.
· Include a table of contents and a table of figures if there are any.
· Use Cali
i 11pt or Times New Roman 12pt font and 1.5 spacing.
· The paper must be thoroughly edited and proofread at the sentence, paragraph and whole report level before being submitted. Please use Grammarly to co
ect writing mistakes.
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Assessment 2: Company Report
Executive Summary
Aim of this report is to critically analyze the Instagram Company, principally in the context of the recent data
each in the social media industry. Instagram has gained popularity in the market after its launch in 2010. The main purpose of its services and business approaches has improved significantly year after year to ensure the fulfillment of customers’ demand. Purposely, the Instagram Company focuses on the introduction of different types of social communication services which have helped it to create its different image from other social media companies. Unfortunately, the cu
ent image of a company is affected by the strategy of company negatively that is used to address external environmental factor.
In an uncertain situation for the social media industry, there is a necessity for the Instagram Company to use excellent business policy to address customer needs and retain them with the company. It can be achieved by below-defined recommendations:
· Modify the cu
ent data protection system by allowing users to download own content’ other’s content at the time of need.
· Use customer consent as a term to allow them whatever they want to do without any restriction.
1: Introduction: Social Media
Soft media companies are growing and evolving with the demands of the customers. According to DeNisi & Griffin (2017), the social media companies are facing data
each and other privacy issues that are affecting the growth. Since the users of social media are becoming more conscious towards their social presence, the demands have shifted from the online communication to sharing of videos and photos. Further, social media are also targeted by the marketers to promote the products in social groups.
Due to above-defined reasons, the social media companies are started to introduce various services to their users to address the new need that helps them to share photos, videos and other communicational text on their public profile (Rutledge, 2008). With help of these services, social media companies are able to increase the number of their users. The research study of Chaffey (2018) says that the growth of social media companies is happing due to the 13% growth in the number of users year-on-yea
Figure 1: Active Users of Internet
(Source: Chaffey, 2018)
It is also happing due to 7% growth in the number of internet users in the worldwide market. Another research study explores that Instagram is in the third position after Facebook and Whatsapp.
Figure 2: Users of Instagram
(Source: Chaffey, 2018)
This is because of its 400 million users. This report will examine only the performance of Instagram.
2: Instagram
Instagram is a leading social media company due to its 6th position in the social media market in the term of market share. Instagram has fewer than half of the visits of active users of social media networks (Chaffey, 2018). As per the recent research study, it can be stated that there is an increment in the number of Instagram users since 2013 to...

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