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Advance Diploma in leadership management.Develop and implement strategic plan

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Advance Diploma in leadership management.Develop and implement strategic plan

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Aarti J answered on May 20 2020
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Task 1 – Brighton Coffee
Introduction / Background
Brighton Coffee is one of the market leaders in the coffee export business which is headquartered at Melbourne.
Existing mission and vision statement
The vision statement of the company is: ‘To become one of the biggest national
ands in the hospitality industry of Australia”.
The mission statement of the company is: “The mission of the company is to increase its profits by satisfying its customers by focusing on improving the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of the clients of the company.
Revised mission and vision statement
The vision of the company is: “become one of the biggest coffee exporters by emphasizing on the values and the moral standards on which the company has lived.
Revised mission statement, “The mission of the company is to emphasize on the professional and moral standards with a strong focus on high level of safety to the customers which will help in improving the overall efficiency and the profitability of the company. The company is driven by innovation to attain profitability and competitive edge”
Organizational value
The organisational values of the company is lies within different regulated legislation and other aspects which will help in attaining the profits. These includes:
· Anti-discrimination law
· Occupational health and safety
· Employer rights and responsibilities related to WHS
· Privacy laws
· Equal opportunity
· Ethical principles
· Codes of practices related to the industry specified.
The major stakeholders of the company would include its owners, investors, management, employees, lenders, government authorities, community, customers and the other people who are affected by the company
Task 2 – Brighton Coffee
PEST Analysis
The political environment in which the company operates states about different aspects of the political influences which will affect the operations of the business. The political aspect states that the company is operating in an environment with unpredictable political condition of the company. The government has implemented the free trade policy and the tariffs on imported goods including the espresso coffee has been remover.
The economic aspects considers different economic features which may affect the working of the company. One of the major aspect that will affect the business is the volatile Australian dollar against the foreign cu
encies for the next few years. The other aspects is the economic boom in the country which will give higher employment opportunities to the employment sector.
With the ongoing trend of having
eakfast, coffee and lunch outside the office building is becoming affluent which will help in boosting the business, Apart from this the growing population of Australia is also a boom for the company. The market is also expected to have double digit growth.
With the technological advancement, the new espresso machines are built to consume 25% less energy and is a more efficient heat exchanger.
SWOT analysis
· With a strong management...

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