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Actively engage with and complete your ICE Project. Maintain an activity log of your plans and actions. Critically evaluate your learning through working on the project. Prepare a „Reflective Report...

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Actively engage with and complete your ICE Project. Maintain an activity log of your plans and actions. Critically evaluate your learning through working on the project. Prepare a „Reflective Report and Action Plan‟, which discusses your learning incorporating your Activity Log, Self & Peer-Assessment.
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Sundeep answered on May 16 2020
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This reflective essay is to demonstrate the positives and the negatives that we faced while working in a group for reaching a common goal of creating a group project for the Home Design Upholstery Company. There are a total of 8 members in my team including myself. Each one of us has a different personality and different thought processes which makes the task of working in a group more creative and
ings about an effective process to build the project. The different thoughts and the mind processes helped us to create an art for the company and it showcased us the positives and the negatives that each one of us possess and how we can leverage the positives of each group member’s strength and how to overcome the weaknesses and create an overlapping strength on it to guide the person to turn the weakness to strength.( Carapina, M. and Boticki, I., 2015)
The way we progressed was to find out information about the organisation. We had multiple minds on one single task and we all were finding out different methods to calculate the information for the organisation. The history and the cu
ent status of the organisation had to be deduced either from secondary sources or from primary sources if anyone had a connection in the organisation. Since no body had a connection in the organisation, we opted for secondary sources, we researched on the internet and came out with the history and the cu
ent projects and the clients of the company. We underwent team work and divided the project into multiple parts and researched independently on the situation of the company.
Each one of undertook their task seriously and we were confident about the quality of work each person would do. The quality of data that each person got from filtering the data and getting the analysis was pretty good which built the confidence that the person could be trusted with the work. Next we underwent do to the pestle analysis. PESTLE stands for political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors that affect the business and the way that these factors can be utilised to make the business more better and spread the market share. (Damşa, C.I., 2014)The pestle analysis required depth research as these are the factors that would affect the share market and the market capital of the business. The positive and the negative effects of the political system would either increase the taxes or reduce it and also change the structure of the organisation. The economic and the social factors affect the payments to the employees and the tasks they can be allocated to. The legal system lays down the guidelines for which the company has to abide and work accordingly. One of the members in the team had a lawyer in their relatives and hence we were able to get the first hand quality information from the lawyer herself. The quality of information that we received was excellent and it laid down the aspects on which an organisation has to work and handle the steps which are being taken.
The porter’s 5 forces model is the one where major disputes started taking place in the group since this model is the one which defines the cu
ent scenario of the organisation. The porter’s 5 forces model had to be thought upon and all the...

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