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ACCT6001 Assessment 4 – Database Application XXXXXXXXXXPage 1 of 9 ASSESSMENT BRIEF Subject Code and Title ACCT6001 Accounting Information Systems Assessment Assessment 4: Database Application...

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ACCT6001 Assessment 4 – Database Application XXXXXXXXXXPage 1 of 9

Subject Code and Title ACCT6001 Accounting Information Systems
Assessment Assessment 4: Database Application
Individual/Group Individual
Length 1500 words +/-10%
Learning Outcomes b) Explain the characteristics of relational databases
and their role in creation and communication of
usiness intelligence.
c) Identify and assess IT controls, auditing, ethical,
privacy and security issues with respect to
d) Apply technical knowledge and skills in creating
information for the workplace using spreadsheets
and relational databases.
e) Communicate with IT professionals, stakeholders
and user groups of information systems.
Submission By 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday week 12/ end of module
For intensive mode: By 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday
week 6/ end of module 6.2
Weighting 30%
Total Marks 100 marks
The aim of this assessment is to assess the student’s ability to solve business problems using
database design tool and software. It also aims to enable students to think about the
impacts of using IT in Businesses and communicate key issues through a written report.

Many companies depend on the accurate recording, updating and tracking of their data on a
minute-to-minute basis. Employees access this data using databases. An understanding of
this technology allows business professionals to be able to perform their work effectively.

ACCT6001 Assessment 4 – Database Application XXXXXXXXXXPage 2 of 9
ASSESSMENT 4 Database Application Case Study
Background of To
ens We Help Inc.
ens We Help Inc (TWHI) is a not-for-profit private education organisation. It provides
online education in farming anywhere in the world. The majority of their students are from
outback areas of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam.
TWHI wants to engage and work in partnership with communities, industries and businesses.
It seeks to provide multiple learning experiences and opportunities to enrich the learning
journey of its students. TWHI prides itself on being an inclusive provider, offering higher
education to people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience it. To this
end many of its students have their fees paid partially or fully by the Indonesian, Papua New
Guinean and Vietnamese government.
One of their projects is called Project "HR DATABASE". The following are the stages:
Stage 1: Develop HR Database System for the Academic Staff
Stage 2: Extend the Database system to include administrative Staff
Stage 3: Develop a Partners database
You have been assigned to develop part of the stage 1 of the project.
Project Description:
TWHI has used a spreadsheet software to maintain and monitor its employee information.
Its human resource (HR) department is cu
ently struggling get the updated information of its
entire academic and administrative staff. The HR manager maintains the following
spreadsheets for the academic staff:
• Employee information (Employee ID, Title, First Name, Middle Name, Last
Name, Birthdate, Street Address, City, State, Postal Code, Phone Number,
Mobile Number, Date Hired, Date Terminated, TFN, Department, Location)
• Timesheet for academic staff (Employee ID, hours worked per week, type of
work, (e.g., online facilitation, assessment marking, consultation), hourly
ate, subject code, number of students)
• List of subjects that teaching staff is approved to teach (Subject Code,
Employee ID, Subject Name)

ACCT6001 Assessment 4 – Database Application XXXXXXXXXXPage 3 of 9

• Information about the teaching staff (name, location, contact details, status
(part-time, full-time, sessional)
• Class details (Class code, class name, semester offered ,year offered)

You are expected to develop the initial database for the ACADEMIC STAFF of TWHI Human
Resource. You need to design and implement the database using Microsoft Access or
In this project, you are required to design the database and develop the database for
storing and retrieving information about the TWHI Academic Staff. You need to create
tables, queries, reports and forms.
The following are some of the requirements for TWHI HR:
1. Forms:
a. HR Manager should have the form to enter the information about TWHI’s
. HR Manager should have the form to enter information about the allocation of
subject per Academic Staff
2. Reports:
a. HR Manager wants to see the following reports:
• List of all Employees and their contact details (sorted by Last Name, then
First Name)
• List and total number of all full-time Academic Staff and their location
• List of classes all Academic Staff are teaching in semester 2.
• List the names of all employees and how long they have worked for TWHI
3. Tables:
a. In order for you to create the forms and required reports, you must first
create tables that will store all the data about the Academic Staff.
. The following are the activities you expected to do:
• create the database tables
• add at least 10 different data per table

ACCT6001 Assessment 4 – Database Application XXXXXXXXXXPage 4 of 9

4. E-R Diagram
a. To help HR Manager understand the database design
The following are some of the guidelines followed by the HR Manager:
• The teaching staff can teach different subjects. The HR manager has to monitor
distribution of teaching load. It is possible that several teaching staff will teach the
same subject depending on the number of students enrolled. Because of this, each
subject is also assigned to a class.
• Please take note of the following when entering data:
o Cu
ently all employees are in the Business Department
o Start by entering data in the Employee table
o An Academic Staff is an Employee therefore the Academic Staff - Employee ID
should exist in the Employee table (i.e., if there is an employee ID XXXXXXXXXXat
the Academic Staff table, then there should be a data about Employee Id
00000 at the Employee table.
o The FacilitatorID is the ID of the Employee facilitating the subject.
o The following are the list of Units cu
ently being offered:
▪ BIS2018 – Fundamentals of Business Information System
▪ PLC XXXXXXXXXXIndustry Placement
▪ PRJ2018 – Information Systems Project Management
▪ DBM2018 – Database Management System
o Cu
ent available class codes are (only one facilitator is allowed to teach a
▪ CBIS20181A-1-18 (this is read as Class BIS2018 group A – Semester 1-
▪ CBIS20181B-1-18
▪ CPLC2018A-1-18
▪ CPRJ2018A-1-18
▪ CPRJ2018B-1-18
▪ CPRJ2018C-1-18
▪ CDBM2018A-1-18
▪ CPLC2018A-1-18
o Semester Code format is SEM-. For example: SEM1-2018, SEM2-
2018, SEM1-2019 and so on. There are 3 semesters per year.
o Work Type can be:
▪ Online facilitation
▪ Assessment marking
▪ Consultation
▪ Tutorial

ACCT6001 Assessment 4 – Database Application XXXXXXXXXXPage 5 of 9

o Status of an Academic Staff can be:
▪ Full-time
▪ Part-time
▪ Sessional
1. You need to design and develop a new database given the information provided
above. Create the E-R diagram, translate to relational schema and then normalise.
2. Create the tables, forms, reports and queries using li
eBase or Microsoft Access
3. You need to create the forms and reports as required by the HR Manager in the case
1) A word document containing:
a) Introduction - a summary of the case study
) Justification of the use of database
c) Database Design: E-R Diagram
d) IT controls needed
2) Li
eOffice Base/Microsoft Access files used in creating the tables, forms, queries and
• Need for the implementation of the database
• E-R Diagram
• Queries
• Forms and Reports
• IT Control
ACCT6001 Assessment 3- Excel Spreadsheet XXXXXXXXXXPage 6 of 9

Learning Ru
Assessment Attributes Fail
High Distinction
Need for the
implementation of the

explanation provided is
very general, lacks
detail, does not answer
the question.

Points 0-6
Satisfactory explanation
provided, several
justifications discussed, lack
detailed explanation.

Points 7-9

Good explanation provided,
several justifications
discussed. Explanations are
detailed but some are not

Points 10-11
Very good explanation and
justification. Explanations are
convincing. Main problems
are identified and discussed
in details. Provided some

Points 12-13
Excellent explanation and
justifications provided. Main
problems are identified and
prioritised. Each problem is
discussed in detail. Examples
were provided for each

Points 14-15
E-R Diagram

E-R Diagram is

More than 50% of the
entities, attributes
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        ClassID        ClassName        YearOffered        SemesterOffered        ClassCode
        1        BIS20181A        2018        1        CBIS20181A-1-18
        2        BIS20181B        2018        1        CBIS20181B-1-18
        3        PLC2018A        2018        1        CPLC2018A-1-18
        4        PRJ2018A        2018        1        CPRJ2018A-1-18
        5        PRJ2018B        2018        2        CPRJ2018B-1-18
        6        PRJ2018C        2018        2        CPRJ2018C-1-18
        7        DBM2018A        2018        2        CDBM2018A-1-18
        8        DBM2018B        2018        1        CDBM2018B-1-18
        9        DBM2018C        2018        1        CDBM2018C-1-18
        10        PLC2018A        2018        1        CPLC2018A-1-18
        EmployeeId        Title        FirstName        MiddleName        LastName        BirthDate        StreetAddress        City        State        PostalCode        PhoneNumber        MobileNumber        DateHired        DateTerminated        TFN        Department        Location
        4        Mr.        Patrick        A        Clements        7/25/82        85 Bowden Street        MALABAR        New South Wales        2036        (02) 9203 5854        02893-27110        9/2/17        5/2/18        123312342        Acountant        New South Wales
        5        Miss.        Holly        N        Cowley        11/24/95        84 Kintyre Street        LOGANHOLME BC        Queensland        4129        (07) 3856 1603        07380-43575        1/4/18                453234234        Academics        Queensland
        6        Mr.        Jamie        V        Bennelong        8/10/85        87 Thyme Avenue        VICTORIA HILL        Queensland        4361        (07) 4571 3138        0752-332286        10/22/15                234343423        Academics        Queensland
        7        Mrs.        Mikayla        J        Cussen        5/21/73        12 Ocean Street        SYDNEY        New South Wales        2000        (02) 8245 3044        0278-268129        8/12/17                745645656        Academics        Queensland
        8        Miss        Bianca         B        Kilgour        4/27/87        66 Kopkes Road        WESTMERE        Victoria        3351        (03) 5366 0412        0378-195510        4/2/16                234324343        Academics        Victoria
        9        Mrs.        Ga
iella        T        Howitt        11/13/89        59 Paradise Falls Road        EVERTON        Victoria        3678        (03) 5374 9803        0356-359333        12/4/17                345234234        Academics        Victoria
        10        Mr.        Ben        T        Mickey        10/5/89        83 Fairview Street        ECKLIN SOUTH        Victoria        3245        (03) 5372 4653        0343-145960        5/15/16                343243442        Academics        Victoria
        1        Mr.        Levi        E        Clow        10/8/93        68 Jacabina Court        STANWELL PARK        New South Wales        2508        (02) 4233 4838        048988-4528        10/8/17                865414088        Administration        New South Wales
        2        Mr.        Hunter        A        Hunter A Langley        8/21/83        55 Border Drive        BORAMBOLA        New South Wales        2650        (02) 6199 6331        08738-36302        9/21/15                565051603        Administration        New South Wales
        3        Mr.        Oscar        E        Rays        7/10/89        40 Monteagle Road        MOUNT STROMLO        Australian Capital Te
itory        2611        (02) 6126 3559        02338-36302        8/19/12                234342342        Acountant        Australian Capital Te
        SubjectName        SubjectCode        ClassCode
        international Business Part 1        IB1        1
        international Business Part...

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