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About me: Undergraduate student, I am a senior, my major is Aviation degree Flight Operation, my goal in long term is be a pilot. You can add more words.

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Assignment No. 1
Assignment #1
Personal Statement Essay
(Approximately 500 Words/2 pages double-spaced)
The purpose of this assignment is to let me get to know you better. Specifically, I am
interested in the path that
ought you to attend this class, what you hope to get out of the class,
and your professional goals for the future.
At a minimum, I would appreciate if your essay would cover the following:
1. For graduate students, the paper would include why you chose to attend graduate school
in U
an Planning or a related field. This might include your undergraduate course of
study and/or work experience that led you to apply to graduate school. For
undergraduates, this would include why you have chosen to minor in U
an Planning
and/or a related field and how you found out about u
an planning as a profession.
2. What substantive areas of u
an planning are you interested in and/or do you feel
passionate about? These might include but are not limited to: affordable housing,
transportation planning, public finance, environmental planning, social justice,
sustainability etc.? Please describe how you developed your interest in these areas either
through academic and/or professional pursuits. For undergraduates, if you do not have a
specific u
an planning-related interest, let me know about your major and other
academic and professional interests. Are you interested in going to law school?
3. What are your career goals, i.e. where do you see your self in five years? Are you
thinking that you would rather work in the public, private, or non-profit sector? What
type of impact do you hope to have on the planning profession and the world?
4. Is there anything else about you not covered above that you would like to share that
would help me make this class successful?
Answered 1 days After Feb 01, 2024


Dipali answered on Feb 03 2024
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Last Name:     2
Title: Personal Statement
Discussion    3
Dear Professor Cheleden,
I trust this email finds you in good health. I am writing in order to complete your U
an Planning class's personal statement homework requirements. Jose here, a final-year undergraduate majoring in Aviation with a focus on Flight Operations.
· Academic Background and Choice of Minor: You might be wondering why I choose to minor in u
an planning when I want to be a pilot. My judgment is based on my conviction that u
an growth and aviation are inextricably linked. I have learned how much u
an design affects the effectiveness and security of air transportation networks via my studies in aviation. U
an settings influence how airspace is used, where airports are located, and the general infrastructure that is essential to the aviation sector. This knowledge piqued my curiosity about...

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