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ou will be provided with a media article that you will analyse and critique. The media article will be based on the content covered throughout semester Value:30% Group or...

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ou will be provided with a media article that you will analyse and critique. The media article will be based on the content covered throughout semester


Group or individual:


Word limit:

1000 words
(+/- 10%)

Learning Outcomes:

  • ULO1

  • ULO2

  • ULO3

Feedback:Feedback will be available via Canvas Grades.


Students are required to write a 1,000-word essay that critically analyses the following news article:

“Aboriginal imprisonment: don’t confuse a social issue with a justice issue”, by James Macpherson.

Please see the link to the article here: to an external site.

To complete this assessment, you will need to:

  1. Summarise the article.

  2. Argue whether you agree or disagree with the author’s argument.

  3. Engage in further research to support your argument. This could include newspaper articles, academic peer-reviewed literature, government and non-government policy documents/reports, and parliamentary speeches.

Further requirements:

  1. An introduction and conclusion. Keep this short and sharp, identifying what your argument is in the introduction.

  2. 1,000 word limit (with 10%+ or -)

  3. Minimum of 10 references. This has to include a minimum of 5 academic peer reviewed articles and the minimum of 10 does not include the review news article

  4. APA7 referencing (the references list is not included in the word count)

  5. A cover page with your name, student number, and assessment title

  6. Please submit in Word document (not PDF)

Assignment Criteria/Rubric

CRI3120_Corrections Essay Rubric .pdf

Download CRI3120_Corrections Essay Rubric .pdf


  • Library Referencing Guide
    Links to an external site.

  • Extension requests - students are required to contact and submit an extension request to theOnline Extension Approval SystemLinks to an external site.


Answered 5 days After May 01, 2024


Shubham answered on May 06 2024
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The article describes about relationship between indigenous incarceration rates and social factors in Australia. The reducing imprisonment rates is the important point and the author warns about oversimplifying issue that is required for justice. The article can help in understanding complex interplay between social inequalities and criminal justice system. This is important for development of meaningful reform. This introduction provides stage for providing exploration of challenges of Aboriginal imprisonment and need of comprehensive solutions.
Summary of article
The article includes addressing issue of Aboriginal imprisonment. It focuses on distinction between social problem and justice problem. It describes about reducing indigenous incarceration rates that is a major concern and argument on the approach can increase social and justice issues. The author expresses concern on high number of indigenous people that are being a
ested and charged. The study describes about implication behind statement of Dawson. The article acknowledges remarks of Dawson that will help in reduction numbers of a
ests. It can help in addressing social issues that can contribute to indigenous ove
epresentation in criminal justice system. The author argues against conflating social issues with justice issues (, 2024). It includes focusing on root causes of indigenous presentation in the criminal justice system that are complex and detailed. It is important for caution against over simplification of the problem. It includes focusing on reducing a
est rates and this can help in development of efforts for addressing social inequalities and systemic injustices that are faced by indigenous communities. The article describes about approach for addressing Aboriginal imprisonment. It recognizes interconnectedness of social and justice issues. It provides solutions that can help in handling root causes of indigenous presentation in criminal justice system. It is important to simplify the process that will aim to reduce a
est rates.
Argument on author’s view
The author of the article argues against social issues with justice issues and this is regarding Aboriginal imprisonment rates. The author acknowledges concern that are raised by West Australian Police Commissioner about high number of indigenous people that are being a
ested and charged. This can be the issue against view on justice problem. The argument provides by the author is right. The issue of Aboriginal imprisonment rates is important to be addressed (Jarldorn, 2020). It is important for distinguishing between social and justice issues for addressing the issue effectively. It is essential to recognize of presentation of indigenous view in criminal justice system. It is important for development of systemic social inequalities and historical injustices...

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