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A) Perform a financial analysis for Hershey Company. Visit one of the following online resources: Calculate the...

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A) Perform a financial analysis for Hershey Company.

  1. Visit one of the following online resources:
  2. Calculate the following ratios for Hershey Company
    • Liquidity Ratios: 1) Current Ratio 2)Quick Ratio
    • Leverage Ratios: 1)Debt-to-Total-Assets Ratio 2) Debt-to-Equity Ratio 3) Long-Term 4) Debt-to-Equity Ratio 5) Times-Interest-Earned Ratio
    • Activity Ratios: 1)Inventory Turnover Fixed Assets 2) Turnover Accounts Receivable 3) Turnover Average Collection Period
    • Profitability Ratios: 1) Gross Profit Margin 2) Operating Profit Margin 3) Return on Total Assets 4) Return on Stockholders’ Equity 5) Earnings Per Share 6) Price-Earnings Ratio
  3. What do the ratios calculated communicate about the financial strengths and weaknesses of Hershey?
  4. Based on your calculations, would you invest in Hershey Company, why or why not?

B) Submit here:

  1. Your answer to question 3 & 4.Type your answers in the assignment submission text box.
  2. Citations. Cite the source of your information (in text citations should be in APA style) for all sources used in completing this assignment. A reference "sheet" is not required.
    • Example of a document with in-text citation formatted using APA style.
  3. Your findings/ calculations. Report your findings in an Excel spreadsheet (use the author template where applicable ), and attach the spreadsheet to your assignment submission.

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