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350 to 400 words please apap format

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350 to 400 words please apap format
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Shubham answered on Feb 17 2024
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Question 1
1. Andrews (2003):
· Clarification of Research Questions: Andrews focuses on importance of clearly defining and formulating research questions. This includes ensuring that questions are specific, measurable and aligned with research objectives.
· Alignment with Purpose: Andrews can discuss necessity of aligning research questions with overall purpose and goals of study (Andrews, 2003). This could involve considering theoretical framework and ensuring that all questions contribute meaningfully to the research.
· Relevance to the Field: The author might highlight significance of crafting research questions that will help in addressing gaps in the existing literature and contribute new insights to the field.
2. Josselson (2006):
· Na
ative Inquiry Challenges: Josselson can discuss challenges that are associated with na
ative research like the subjective nature of na
atives and potential difficulties in...

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