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Please make 350 to 400 words

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Discussion 2 Authentic
» and transformational v
Jackson and Pa
y XXXXXXXXXXreview a range of ideas
about leadership embodied in persons. Kouzes and
Posner's XXXXXXXXXXapproach to transformational
leadership is compelling to many, yet it's ideals are
focused on the leader as a person.
* What was your initial reaction to The
Kouzes and Posner XXXXXXXXXXmodel?
o In what ways are your personal
values reflected or ignored in
this model?
o How do the cautions of
a XXXXXXXXXXtemper you
* What alignments do you see between the
mandates of Machiavelli's The
Prince (Horowitz et al., 2019) and
Kouzes and Posner's XXXXXXXXXXmodel?
o How do the cautions of
Bazerman and Ten
(2011), and Keck et al. (2020)
temper your response?
e Using Jackson and Pa
inding element, what do you conclude
about looking at leadership through the
person who leads?
When crafting the answers to these questions,
please remember to integrate and cite the
assigned materials. Consider
inging in additional
support for your assertions. As you do, remembe
to both cite and reference them.
Be sure to make connections between the assigned
materials and your ideas. Include a reference list at
the end of your submission.
You don't need to write a huge essay, but it should
e at least XXXXXXXXXXwords long (excellent
esponses are rarely fewer than 400 words). You
eplies to others should comment on new insights
you gained in reading their essays, and how thei
ideas did or did not change your own viewpoint.
Try to respond to learners (at least two) with
perspectives different from your own in order to
demonstrate your understanding of othe
frameworks and perspectives.
10:12 «4 «w 5G @m)
Bazerman, M. H., & Ten
unsel, A. E. (2011).
eakdowns. Harvard Business
Review, 89(4), 58-65.
Horowitz, M., Machiavelli, N., Emerson, R. W., &
Sunzi XXXXXXXXXXLeadership: The Prince;
Power; The Art of War (Condensed
Classics). G&D Media.
a, H XXXXXXXXXXThe authenticity paradox. Harvard
Business Review, 93(1/2), 52-59.
Jackson, B., & Pa
y, K. W XXXXXXXXXXA very short,
fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book
about studying leadership (3rd ed.). Sage.
Keck, N., Giessner, S. R., Van Quaquebeke, N., &
Kruijff, E XXXXXXXXXXWhen do followers
perceive their leaders as ethical? A
elational models perspective of normatively
appropriate conduct. Journal of Business
Ethics, 164(3), XXXXXXXXXX.
Kouzes, J. M., & Posner, B. Z XXXXXXXXXXThe
leadership challenge workbook. [Electronic
esource] (3rd ed.). Jossey-Bass.
Bl Discussion XXXXXXXXXXresponses
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Table of contents
Discussion    3
References    5
    I first consider the Kouzes and Posner (2012) paradigm for transformative leadership to be thorough and persuasive. The four core practices of setting an example, inspiring a common vision, testing the status quo, and empowering people to take action are highlighted as ways for leaders to inspire and motivate their followers. My own ideals of moral leadership, female empowerment, and the idea that managers should set an example for their people are all supported by these behaviors. But Iba
a's (2011) warnings about the authenticity conundrum provide my first response a crucial new dimension. Iba
a notes that it might be difficult for leaders to balance upholding their authenticity with the responsibilities and expectations of their positions. This warning makes me think about the tension between being a real leader and following the guidelines set out by Kouzes and Posner's approach. It makes people wonder if executives can follow a particular leadership paradigm and yet be honest. There are fascinating parallels and discrepancies between Kouzes and Posner's model and Machiavelli's "The Prince" (Horowitz et al., 2019). Both theories recognize the significance of influence and power in leadership....

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