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1. The Question Write a 1000 word academic essay on the following question. ‘Leadership is considered more important than it should be’ Discuss. 2. General Instructions. • This is a 1000 Word...

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1. The Question

Write a 1000 word academic essay on the following question.

‘Leadership is considered more important than it should be’ Discuss.

2. General Instructions.

• This is a 1000 Word Individual Essay, due before Friday 12pm (midday) of Week 5, Weighting: 20%

• You will need to submit your essay to turnitin on the unit’s ilearn site.

• No hard copies need to be submitted.

• You are required to use essential tutorial readings, several of the additional readings on the ilearn site and concepts and arguments in the lecture slides to answer this question (as a guide, a minimum of 6 articles from the unit would need to be used for this essay).

• You are required to take a critical, questioning approach in your essay – not to simply reproduce taken-for-granted assertions about the importance of leadership.

• You should base your essay on academic articles that have been uploaded for you on the ilearn site and those referenced in lectures.

• If you wish to use articles and sources from outside the unit you should be aware that these should only be used to supplement the articles on the ilearn site and referenced in the lectures – to hope to pass the assessment you need to show that you have read and used the articles and readings that constitute this unit.

• General discussions of leadership drawn from sources that do not demonstrate engagement with the readings, ideas and syllabus of this unit will result in a fail mark.

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Shashank answered on Mar 24 2020
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Leadership is considered more important than it should be
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In this essay I am going to argue that leadership is considered more important that it should be done. This has been done by understanding the deep connect of human with historic culture and the myths related which are being ca
ied forwarded. In male dominated society, how aspects of leadership are connected to it. Later it is understood how authentic leadership portrayed as ideal form of leadership fails to become panacea for its followers. The essay is concluded by getting an understanding on how romanticism and considering leader as symbol of god has impacted the behavioral aspects of people in organization.
Leadership has been associated with masculinity since ages. This has been so tightly interwoven that it generally stays invisible and uninspected in the eyes of people. The reasons can be cited also to masculine nature of society and similar kind of ideas by which many societies are driven. This explains organizational tendencies to remain attached with traditional test of leadership: commitment shown by physical stamina, tough behavior and self-reliability.
The history of mankind has been inclined towards heroic stories of men and how they dominated most of the acts happening in the society. When corporate leadership is being talked about, the top executives describes the corporate world at the helm, to be the man’s world. It is ready to accommodate women, but the culture is such that proclaims leadership springs from white male. To understand why heroic leadership has been so persistent, we need to know what it has to offer. Individuals aspire to become leaders because it gives them change to be great, respected by others and expectations to achieve immortality. Leaders are seen like those who have achieved triumph in all phases from love to family. It proves to them a career landmark which also proves one’s maleness. (Sinclair, 2005).
Another aspect that can be attributed to the over importance given to leadership is the social myths related...

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