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1. Consider agents or conditions (hazards) that have to be monitored for health and safety compliance. · Under what classifications should hazards be categorised? · What form might hazards take? · How...

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1. Consider agents or conditions (hazards) that have to be monitored for health and safety compliance.
· Under what classifications should hazards be categorised?
· What form might hazards take?
· How might hazardous substances enter the body?
What effect can hazardous substances have on workers? (200 to 250 words)
2. Identify and describe the co
ect preparation, use, maintenance, cleaning and storage required when using sensitive monitoring equipment. How should unserviceable equipment be disposed? XXXXXXXXXXwords)
Choose a type of business or an organisation that conduct's a monitoring process.
For instance, you might choose to base the project on a landscaping business, a butcher's shop, a beauty salon, a car wash, a manufacturer of whitegoods or a producer of pet food.
You will need to provide examples that are specific to the type of business or organisation you have chosen.
You should write a minimum of 1600 word report of the monitoring process and in particular covering the topics that you have studied in this unit.
You can reference the information provided in this unit, but you will also need to demonstrate that you have undertaken your own research.
Remember to properly cite and reference any material from other authors.
Include information about:
· relevant legislation, codes of practice, associated standards and guidance material specific to measuring processes to identify hazards, assess risk and monitor the effectiveness of risk controls
· health and safety resources
· Downloading internal and external information and data on health and safety and monitoring
· a range of target groups including health and safety committees, health and safety representatives, managers, supervisors, persons conducting businesses or undertakings (PCBUs)/ officers
· analysing relevant work place information and data
· assisting with evaluating interactions between workers, their activities, equipment, environment and work systems
· using basic measuring equipment such as scales and dials applicable to specific hazards
· maintaining equipment used for workplace monitoring
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Report on monitoring process
Q1. Hazards can be classified on the basis of the nature of its occu
ence. They are as follows:
1. Physical Hazard: This might be caused by abnormality in physical factors like wet floors, open electrical wires, protruding objects kept in the pathway etc.
2. Ergonomic hazards: Hazards caused due to heavy lifting, excessive stretching, poor desk sitting etc. which might cause due to poor shape.
3. Psychological Hazards: Hazards which make direct impact on mind like high sounds decibels, passing through tunnel,
ight flash lights, heights etc.
4. Environmental hazard: Which is caused by environmental factors like high room temperature in database center, contamination in ventilation system, acid leakage in the water supply etc.
5. Biological Hazards: Biological diseases like Hepatitis B, SARS, swine flue etc. are some of the example which can cause biological hazards.
6. Radiation Hazards: Hazards caused by exposure of radiation like gamma radiation in research plant, radioactive radiation in nuclear plant etc.
Hazards can be become a disaster if appropriate steps are not taken to control it at the right point of time. For example, a radiation coming out from a nuclear plant can be disastrous for residents nea
y if it is not controlled in limited time. The workers who are working in hazard prone areas might be affected by hazardous substances depending on the type of exposure they are prone with. For example, staff working in a hospital where air borne disease is prevailing and appropriate precaution is not taken then it can enter the body by
eathing process. In case of industries, where x-rays, beta rays, UV rays etc. are used, it can enter the body of person normal by skin exposure if appropriate suit is not wore by them. These substances can have a severe affect on the health of the workers depending on the type of exposure they get. For high decibel regions, excessive stay in that area can cause deafening of ears. In case of manufacturing industries, exposure to radiation can cause skin burns and also be fatal,
eathing contaminated air can cause slow death or even immediate depending on the level of contamination. (Foodsmart, 2018)
Q2. The monitoring device that is being used depends on the purpose that it is solving. For example, temperature measuring equipment require special attention when they are physically touched and made use of. To ensure the equipment is not contaminated, the device should be washed properly before taking it in use to avoid infection. In case of inadequate response from the device, it is prefe
ed that device is replaced. To avoid leakage from the device, it should be kept in proper case when the work is done in optimum situations. Sometimes, the equipment may give improper results while testing. It is advisable to cali
ate the device before taking it in use.
There are various methods in which unserviceable equipment can be disposed. The process depends on the mode which gives maximum benefit to the owner. In case of government property, public bidding is one of the methods which can also be done in open auction format. When the above process does not give required results, sale can be done via negotiations. Transfe
ing to other parties is done when the equipment is no longer useful and can be used by other authorities. In case there is no commercial value that can be fetched out of the equipment, then destroying...

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