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1. a) Intrapreneurs share 6 common personal characteristics. Discuss how these characteristics are important for innovation and intrapreneurship. b) In your opinion, which one characteristic is most...

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a) Intrapreneurs share 6 common personal characteristics. Discuss how these characteristics are important for innovation and intrapreneurship.

b) In your opinion, which one characteristic is most important in the Arab World context? Justify your selection.


Values are important on both personal and organisational levels. Evaluate this statement using Schwartz values theory, and reflect your evaluation on the Higher Education sector.


a) Discuss the importance of Sustainable Business Models (SBMs) to 21stcentury organisations.

b) Use an enterprise of your choice to reflect the 4 components/concepts of its generic business model.

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Parul answered on Jan 15 2022
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Answer 1(a). Intrapreneurs are the people who are employed in the organisation and working on certain assigned task. However, they are provided with resources, freedom and time to innovate in the project like an entrepreneur would do for a new business.
Personal Trait1 - Problem Solving
This is one of the most important traits of intrapreneurs as well as great entrepreneurs. They are passionate about solving problems since they have a vision to enhance the cu
ent ways of living as well as quality of life. In many occasions this passion arises from their personal experience and sufferings. Such experience can majority of time drive a great idea that is built on empathy and comprehending the need of customers.
Personal Trait 2 - Curious and Aspiration to Grow
Second most important trait of an intrapreneur is that they want to wear many hats like marketing, product managements as well as engineering etc. Innovation basically prospers on the cross-pollination of ideas and with a zeal of always bettering oneself.
Personal Trait 3– Developing Change
Bringing a change is very important trait of intrapreneur. It is essential that a candidate or prospective employee is high on learnability and seek opportunities to consistently upgrade and upskill themselves.
Personal Trait 4– Understanding what are Priorities
I know it might sound like common sense, but hang on, stay with me! Many people can throw the words like efficiency and effectiveness perhaps thinking one needs to do both! However, higher one goes as a leader more one needs to prioritize effectiveness over efficiency. Applying the Pareto Principle that states 80% of the effects urges from the 20% of the causes.
Personal Trait 5 – Inspiring People
Well, Google is one of the best because of its people and leaders who develop those people! As a leader, one needs to channelize the strength of members and help them harness their true potential. One such example is leveraging reward and recognitions programs in your organisation. Indeed, such initiatives can be very powerful or perhaps very damaging. People are generally motivated; the secret sauce is to create an environment where people are able to contribute their best and feel safe to innovate!
Personal Trait 6– Leadership
It is more about how you connect with others, develop relationships and work to earn confidence. For instance, when you work in a cross-functional team encompassing members who are best in Sales, R&D and Services there is a certain level of rapport that is developed not because of position you have but perhaps the merit you
ing to the table. How many initiatives you can successfully
ing together is an example of influence. People like to work together because of one’ contribution and knowledge.
Answer 1(b) According to me trait which is most important characteristic in the Arab World context is Problem Solving
Isn’t it natural to observe, majority of...

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