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04-May-2018 PPMP20009: Assessment 2 – Methodology assessment Supplementary information about organisations Hi everyone, The following information is provided to complement the existing information...

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PPMP20009: Assessment 2 – Methodology assessment
Supplementary information about organisations
Hi everyone,
The following information is provided to complement the existing information about each
organisation. This extra information will further help structure your discussion and your choice of
project methodology for each organisation.
As already described, the organisation is wanting to develop markets in North and South America. To
do this it needs to expand its manufacturing operations, particularly into Brazil. It is looking to first
set up sales and marketing division and then establish a low-cost, high tech manufacturing plant.
Staff will be on secondment for 6 to 12 months to help set up the new operations. As a result, the
organisation requires speedy implementation of the project management methodology and
establishment of a local project team.
The Company director of the organisation has indicated that she is concerned that the increase in
projects being undertaken will increase financial risks for the organisation. As a result she wants a
project methodology that suits staged risk assessment, allowing the organisation leadership team to
eview viability of each project at set stages before proceeding to the next stage.
This organisation provides financial services and advice in areas such as taxation, financial planning,
fund management and retirement planning. Through internal promotion and professional
development, the organisation has created a senior management team that is energetic,
enthusiastic and highly motivated. They are always looking for new ideas to challenge the status quo
in the organisation. They have been trained to operate with a continuous improvement mindset and
will support any initiatives that will
ing about holistic business improvement (productivity,
employee morale, etc.). They are confident that their business processes are achieving good results
ut are looking for a methodology to improve their project performance.

PPMP XXXXXXXXXXProject Management Methodologies - Term 1 2018
Assessment 2: Project Methodology Assessment (40%)
Sudent Names & ID's:
CONCLUSION To restate recommendations on a high level
APPENDIX (not in the word count)
To provide supporting material
Pictorial illustration of the methodologies (any samples
of methodologies can be included)
A pictorial illustration of the methodologies is supplied 10%
The methodologies have been presented with imagination, originality
or flair, based on proficiency in all the learning outcomes of the unit;
work is interesting or surprisingly exciting, challenging, well read or
Clarity of expression, grammar and spelling 10%
Sub-total 100%
Deduct 5% x total available mark for being outside of word count (2500 to 3000 words)
Sub-total 100%
Deduct penalty for late submission (5% x total available marks, for each day or part thereof)
TOTAL 100%
Out of 40
Section contentAssignment section
Quality and clarity of presented work
a) details of each methodology
) assumptions
c) whether it is to be implemented in its entirety
d) whether it is considered as a management level
activity and who should be involved?
e) how difficulties in implementing would be managed
(this section is to include a restricted review of
academic literature and any tables)
What are the methodologies?
What are the benefits of the methodologies?
(including relevant academic referencing)
To introduce the proposed
methodologies, including the argument
for their use
To summarise evidence to support the
Marking guide - Requirements
A high level textural overview of the methodology is supplied 10%
The methodologies reflect an ability to use and apply fundamental
concepts and skills of the unit, going beyond mere replication of
content knowledge or skill to show understanding of key ideas,
awareness of their relevance, some use of analytical skills, and some
orginiality or insight in relation to the learning outcomes of the
assignment (25%)
Implementation plans have been explained that are an accurate
eflection of the case study (10%)
Presentation of the methodologies demonstrates awareness and
understanding of deeper and less obvious aspects of the unit, such as
an ability to identify and debate critical issues or problems, an ability
to solve non-routine problems, an ability to adapt and apply ideas to
new situations, and an ability to invent and evaluate new ideas (25%)
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Ahmedali answered on May 17 2020
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1.0 Introduction
Any large scale project needs a formal methodology if it has the deliver results within boundaries of budget and timeline. Use of a project management methodology can be used for understanding and formalizing various processes that are needed to completed a project successfully including communications, stakeholder management, risk management, scheduling, budgeting, and more. PMBOK and PRINCE 2 are two most common and exhaustive methodologies that can be applied to most projects. In the case of the Organization B which is suspecting an increase the financial risks to the company, management is looking for a methodology that would allow them to assess risks at every stage of the project such that the project is forwarded to next stage only after a previous stage is
ing reviewed for risk.
In the PMBOK guide, the risk assessment is an ongoing process which begins at the time of planning and the risk logs are created that get updated along the project milestones. However, managing risks in this way do not put any mandatory restrictions for risk assessment before moving on to the next stage. PRINCE 2 methodology on the other side is a methodology which is managed by stages such that the stages of projects are managed with defined boundaries. Thus, PRINCE 2 methodology can be easily tailored for the organization to accommodate this need by putting risk assessment as a mandatory process after completion of every stage.
Project management has different definitions depending on different scales of complexity, objectives, and tackles. It is moreover a strategy, which is indiscriminately field of management formulated to manage the projects in different ways. For every projects success, there needs to be a methodology, which describes...

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