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You will have two options to choose from for your essay. Pick one and write a 4 to 6 page double spaced essay on the topic. This assignment is due April 7; it is worth 15 points. Submit your essay in...

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You will have two options to choose from for your essay. Pick one and write a 4 to 6 page double spaced essay on the topic. This assignment is due April 7; it is worth 15 points. Submit your essay in Word format; no pdfs.

1. You are Brooks. The case ends with the two paragraphs after "What's Next." What would you do to salvage the mess you find your self in? Clearly, you can get ideas from your own and your fellow students' discussion posts this week.

2. How would you deal with the religious objections to LGBTQ people as expressed by some of the staff?

Feel free to use any of the few materials I placed in e-courseware or others you find. Listed references do not count towards the page requirement for the essay.

Answered 3 days After Mar 16, 2022


Ananya answered on Mar 19 2022
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Running Head: FOSTERING SUCCESS                            1
FOSTERING SUCCESS                                    2
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Reflection    3
Conclusion    6
References    8
Kids without a family or proper local guardian are supported by foster homes, which provide them with care and education to experience a happy childhood and successful future. Such foster home is run by Alice Brook who continuously strives to
ing equality to the foster care services.
This strategy made the foster kids to fulfil the gaps in their achievements in the international level competing with different other kids. The problem faced by her in
inging such changes were inevitable and included lack of equity and the feeling of being rejected by several groups of children. The main motive was to
ing equity to the group as she herself being gay; she wanted to support the LGBTQ community in the foster care.
Race was considered the main determinant as removal of it would
ing the equality needed to a major extent. Brook was unaware of the conflicts going on in her foster house, as she was not properly communicated by her executives whom she hired for
inging equity to the organization. Due to being a leader, this was a big mistake, which led Brook to such messy situation.
She must have held proper sessions with the members in regular intervals; this would have not led to the bitter relations, which formed between the members’ intervals for the cu
ent updating of the events occu
ing in the foster house. Another mistake, which Brook undertook, was to appoint incompetent executives and HR team who were unaware of handling such sensitive topics of discrimination, commenting and comparing with no proper logic and awareness about the conditions.
To inculcate equity amongst the foster home individuals, an executive and a HR manager was appointed. The straight man had his own beliefs and logics towards the LGBTQ community, which increased the level of conflicts in the foster care. If I would have been in the place of Brook, I would take proper measures to know the details of the conflict first. Without knowing the details, the mess created cannot be salvaged.
After knowing the whole conflict from both the sides of the community and the managerial departments, I would have played my leadership skills in asking and accepting the feedbacks of the new program that was launched to create an equity. If such negative feedbacks were obtained, then the process could have been made much more open to all rather than...

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