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You will choose a cultural group (e.g. young people, GLTBIA people, women) and analyse how this group is represented using at least two media texts as examples. In your essay you will identify the key...

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You will choose a cultural group (e.g. young people, GLTBIA people, women) and analyse how this group is represented using at least two media texts as examples. In your essay you will identify the key ways the text represent the group you have selected and discuss how these representations relate to broader ideological perspectives discussed in lectures and tutorials

Your essay must compare the chosen texts, examining how they are indicative (or not) of changes to how these cultural groups have been constructed in the media. The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate your understanding of the KCB101 unit content and the wider media and cultural context of your examples. As such, you should aim to draw upon the concepts introduced in the readings and lectures throughout the semester, as well as any additional research that supports your argument.

You can define “media text” broadly. For example, you might want to focus on two advertisements, two websites, or two TV shows. Alternatively, you could focus on two characters from TV shows, or celebrities. You can, of course, choose a combination of texts and / or genres (e.g. a website and a TV show, an Internet meme and an ad). Choose texts that interest you and make you think. You can choose texts in languages other than English, if you provide a translation.

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Arpana answered on Jun 06 2020
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    A community that refer themselves as lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender are known a LGBT community. This cultural group has experienced major unacceptance by the society. The group has faced violence and inequality and more bitter execution and torture. Achieving equality in society has become major priority for this group. Though the society agrees on the fact that all individuals are equal but LGBT community struggled hard to achieve equality in society.
    Different types of LGBT discriminations prevailed in society such as unfriendly attitude, exploitation, refusal to employment etc. the group had to live in such circumstances on which they do not have any control. Discrimination has become major and permanent problem for them. People belonging to this community group faced issues such as homelessness, violence, racial justice, immigrant justice, health, economic justice and trans justice.
    In 2013, the US Supreme Court held that if there exists a valid ma
iage in same sex then the federal government should recognize this couple as ma
ied for purpose of federal benefits and protection.
    There were numerous opposition for same sex ma
iage in the form of marches and riots but in 1980 gay rights were supported in New York City by Democratic National Convention. They believed rights are equal and there should not be any discrimination on the basis of religion, color, caste, age, sex and sex orientation. There seen an evolutionary change in 2000s for gay ma
iage. Many same sex ma
iages took place in this time.
    Modern society is changing rapidly and is becoming more welcomed for every change happening in the society. They have all open doors for accepting the changes happening. There is positive thought pertaining to the fact of LGBT acceptance in modern world. This showed that LGBT equality is not a dream, it’s a reality which can be achieved. LGBT is getting accepted by the society but it is still slow and controversial.
    As society is accepting this change, there are still many people who will never understand such equality and will refuse to admit it. With changing world, many legal reforms have come in place to safeguard the rights of LGBT community. The community is getting recognition and acceptance but still a long way to go. Many LGBT organizations are creating awareness of the community and the harassment that they are experiencing and answering the questions of why they have freedom to choose their own sexual orientation.
Media Representation – LGBT Community
    Media depicts the community in varied and evolving ways. But historically, the LGBT community is portrayed negatively and reflects intolerance towards the community, however it has changed from 1990s to present day. Individuals, their concerns and issues are depicted in media. Many initiatives have been taken by LGBT community to define their culture and show themselves affirmatively. Media represented LGBT individuals visibly and behaviorally different. Gay men were portrayed by media as promiscuous and bold. Media also misrepresented gay and lesbian families because society equates sexual orientation with reproducing ability. (IPFS, 2016)
    Media created a stereotype of gay in comedy genre as sillier and laughable than a gay found in drama. Portrayals loses possibility of adding depth in characterization. Today media is into profit making business and not involved in social consciousness. Programs shows gay role in one dimension as they are not interested in exploring the character that belongs to minority. They only want to stick to customer expectation. (Iman, 2012)    
Though media depicted the community negative but there are...

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