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you have to write introduction just one part of skycity and please follow the rubric and write according to it

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you have to write introduction just one part of skycity and please follow the rubric and write according to it
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Table of Contents
Introduction                                            3
Information about the company                                3
Operations, Finance, Human Resource and Risk Management                3
Strategies to Meet the Needs of Cu
ent Customers                        4
Strategies to Gain New Customers                                4
Strategic Objectives                                        5
Suitability of the Strategies                                    5
References                                            6
Information about the company
Skycity is a gaming and entertainment company based in Auckland, New Zealand. It has several casino properties all over New Zealand. Not only casino bars, the Skycity Groups sponsors, bars, restaurants, hotels, common areas and sky towers. The group was established in 1996. The company has shares in both Australia and New Zealand (Günther, Meyer & Dresden, 2019). The company first opened its casino on Fe
uary 2, 1996, in New Zealand.
Operations, Finance, Human Resource and Risk Management
The group deals with entertainment operations. It aims to provide customers with the rich experience of entertainment through casinos and bars. The operational department is facing the issues of monitoring the performance of the employees towards the customers (Prentice, 2016). The major principle followed in the Operational department is Customer’s Satisfaction. At the end of every year, the company needs to produce an audit report, income statement and balance sheets for transparent accounting. One of the problems in the financial department is the imbalance in input-output income ratio. The imbalance in quantity of output and input is showing a strain in the financial department of Skycity. Skycity follows the principles of Timeliness to avoid delay in finalising financial reports. This principle helps to meet the strategies of timeliness of the organisation. Under the human resource department Skycity offers comprehensive benefits packages to the employees to keep their motivation high. Sky City has held a Committee of directors to establish the remuneration of the employees based on their hard work. Appraisal and rewards on major intervals are the motivating factors for the employees. Skycity wants to welcome the talented and fun-loving candidates to the organisation. Since Skycity is an entertainment-based company, the...

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