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You have read Influence by Robert B. Cialdini throughout the term. For this assignment, you will be focussing on ONE of the chapters from the book. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your...

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You have read Influence by Robert B. Cialdini throughout the term. For this assignment, you will be focussing on ONE of the chapters from the book. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding by applying the concepts we have covered in class and making direct connections with public advertising campaigns.


Type: Individual

Weight: 10%


Choose one of the following chapters from the book Influence

Chapter 2. Reciprocation

Chapter 3. Linking

Chapter 4 Social Proof

Chapter 5 Authority

Chapter 6 Scarcity

Chapter 7 Commitment and Consistency

Chapter 8. Unity

Identify an advertising campaign Choose a campaign that has leveraged the topic of the chapter you have chosen. Use the text to support your assessment of the campaign. Think deeply about consumer behaviour and tactics of influence. Explain how this campaign has embraced these concepts.

Your paper should use in-text citations from the text. Additional research is welcomed but not required.

You should not use Al for this part of the assignment. The likelihood that you will get nuanced, creative and applicable ideas that will meet the assignment requirements is low. This is the part where you practice your critical and creative thinking skills.


Cover Page: Required.

Length: 1-4 pages (Cover page included)

Font Type: Any sans serif font, full justification

Font Size: 11pt

Spacing: 1.5 lines

References: APA7
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Shubham answered on Nov 15 2023
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Influence by Robert B. Cialdini
In advertising the concept of reciprocity was properly employed by Amway Corporation to influence consumer behaviour. The campaign includes providing customers with complimentary selection of Amway products. It was followed by follow-up visit to collect samples and gather orders. The strategy proved effectiveness with minimal customer resistance for purchasing. The success of campaign of Amway hinges on principle of reciprocity and this inherent human tendency to feel obligated to repay debts. It includes offering free samples and Amway created sense of obligation in customers. It helps in making more inclined to reciprocate with purchase (Cialdini, 2003). This approach aligns with understanding of consumer behaviour that suggests that people are likely to comply with requests that feel indebted to requester. Act of generosity by Amway transformed shopping experience into reciprocal exchange for enhancing the likelihood of customers for making the purchase. The effectiveness of campaign also stems from subtle application of reciprocity. The demand of purchase increases as Amway offered samples allowing customers to experience the products. The approach cultivated sense of trust and appreciation for making customers receptive to idea of reciprocating with purchase. The campaign of Amway exploited the principle of reciprocity for aligning with consumer behaviour and employing subtle tactics of influence. It includes creating sense of obligation for meeting demand and the campaign successfully encouraged customers to reciprocate with purchases. This requires demonstrating power of reciprocity in shaping consumer behaviour.
The advertising campaign have successfully implemented principle of reciprocity and Corporation campaign of Amway stands out as the prime example. The campaign has employed the concept of reciprocity for influencing consumer behaviour resulting surge in sales and
and loyalty. The description of strategy of Amway lies in generous offer of free product samples to potential customers. The simple act holds profound psychological implications that has triggered principle of reciprocity. Customers receiving gift and individuals feel an obligation to reciprocate even if the gift has minimal value. In the campaign of Amway, the sense of obligation can be amplified by tangible nature by providing the gift product samples. Customers have opportunity for getting the experience for the benefits of products of Amway. It will help in providing sense of gratitude and indebtedness. It is required for creating emotional connection that makes the use of products more receptive to...

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