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Antoinette Chapter 8 1.​ ​Examine the impact the War of 1812 had on American industrial development. (150 words) Chapter 11 2.​ ​Discuss the role of agriculture in shaping the Old South. Why did...

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Chapter 8
1.​ ​Examine the impact the War of 1812 had on American industrial development. (150 words)
Chapter 11
2.​ ​Discuss the role of agriculture in shaping the Old South. Why did cotton become so
important, and what significance did other crops hold for the region? (150 words)
Chapter 14
3.​ ​What caused the Civil War? (Your answer should not be simply a detailed chronology of
events XXXXXXXXXXwords)
4.​ ​Discuss the ​Dred Scott​ case and how it impacted the conflict over slavery. (150 words)
Chapter 15
5.​ ​Describe the Battle of Bull Run. Why was there a sense of naïve optimism, and what impact
did the outcome have on both sides? (150 words)
6.​ ​What is the modern concept of a “total war,” and does the Civil War qualify? Why or why not?
(150 words)
7. In 100 words, how much power should a president have to limit civil liberties during
wartime? Did President Lincoln exercise his power appropriately in this regard?
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Question 1
During the Napoleonic wars between Britain and France, United States was among the neutral nations. France and England declared that they would stop trade with the entire Neutral nation. As stated by Cress, France soon started to seize the U.S. warships. British started doing the same soon. In addition to that, British demanded checking of all ships ay-British ports before they trade with a country started boarding American ships and drafting soldiers into army. This made The United States pass the Embargo Act of 1807, with the intention of hurting Britain and France economically. This act prevented any trade with other nations. This act caused the US economy to suffer and made US focus on relying on its own goods. The war of 1812 with Britain blocked the entire Eastern coastline of US and made US focus more on relying less on foreign goods, manufacture of good, and seek economic independence. These events catalyzed the Industrial revolution in the country.
Question 2
Agricultural Industry has always played a pivotal role in shaping the old south. In the south, agriculture, its production and distribution has always been a big part of the industry. The mid eighteenth and nineteenth century Southern culture was defined by the agriculture industry. The cotton, tobacco, characterized it sugar plantations, which were owned by white people and operated by the slaves. During the pre-Civil war, economy of Southern staples largely dominated the American export economy.
Cotton was an important crop and the primary export. It was the most important commercial crop of South. Cotton was considered to be one of the first luxury commodities and first of the mass consumer commodities. Seeing the value, the southern capitalist nations invested in cotton massively. Other significant crops of the southern region were sugar and tobacco, which were among the most commercially successful and valuable exports of the United States.
Question 3
The civil war was caused due to the uncompromising differences between the free and slave states of the Unite States of America. The civil war determined the kind of nation the United States would become. As opined by Dew,...

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