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Business and organizational leaders can shape corporate culture. Leaders need to be both effective and efficient and support the stakeholders of the business or organization. Effective leaders are...

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Business and organizational leaders can shape corporate culture. Leaders need to be both effective and efficient and support the stakeholders of the business or organization.  Effective leaders are able to move people to follow them towards common goals and objectives. However, are all leaders ethical?  What defines ethical leadership?  What characteristics do ethical leaders exhibit?  How do these ethical leaders serve as role models for others?  
Assignment Instructions
In a one page document, respond to the following questions and points.  As noted, you do not need to use APA style or citation, but you do need to include a web link to your source if you are using the internet.   
· Research the characteristics that define ethical leadership. List what you consider to be the four most important characteristics or traits of an ethical leader.  
· You only need to provide a link to the site you used to locate the characteristics of ethical leadership. 
· Identify a person who demonstrates these four characteristics.  This person could be a business leader of a company you admire, a coworker, or a supervisor.  You might even identify a person here at ECPI who demonstrates ethical leadership qualities.  
· What can you learn from this person?
· How might you create a better ethical environment in your place of work or in your future career?
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Ethical leadership & Leader of Choice
Ethical leadership & Leader of Choice
Ethical leadership
One of the most critical form of leadership is driven by virtues of respect for ethical beliefs, values as well as for the dignity and right of others. Essentially, ethical leaders are those who demonstrate conduct for the greater good that is appropriate in all areas of their life. Ethical leadership is composed of below characteristics
1. Be the Role Model and Example
An ethical leader always believe in leading with example. As rightly said, "action speaks louder than words". Generally, people are likely to assess somebody based on how they act rather than what they speak. Thus, by practicing and demonstrating the application of ethical, honest and selfless behaviour to subordinates, ethical leaders gains traction and earn respect from their subordinated as well as from their peers.
2. Believes in Ethics & Champion of its importance
Another major role of an ethical leader is to focus on significance of the ethics that involves the standards and other issues taking into the consideration factors that can influence society. As a leader who believes in ethic it is necessary to educate those around the value of ethics especially in situation where they witness an ethical challenge in the workplace
3. Communication is the Key
Ethical leaders who are successful inclined to communicate effectively. It is primary responsibility to speak with subordinates and have open conversation with them answering all of their questions and apprehension. It is quiet essential for leaders to establish camaraderie with their team. This establish quality relationships that drives trust, fairness, openness, compassion and integrity.
4. Respect Others
One of the critical characteristic of ethical leadership is to respect others. Such leaders’ displays respect to all members of the team by listening to others, appreciating their contributions yet being just. They...

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