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Assessment cover sheet ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V XXXXXXXXXX BSBMKG416 – Market goods and services internationally ASSESSMENT COVER SHEET STUDENT ID STUDENT NAME First Name: Last...

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Assessment cover sheet
ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V XXXXXXXXXX
BSBMKG416 – Market goods and services internationally
First Name:
Last Name:
Student’s Declaration:
Students please note: By submitting this assessment, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the following conditions.
Please complete all assessment tasks, save, and upload in Moodle for grading. Please view the videos on submitting work through
Moodle in the FAQ section of your VET Orientation course. Check Moodle grades and feedback on your submission. You will receive an
email notification when your assessment has been graded.
Please check the boxes below acknowledging and agreeing to the following conditions.
 I have read and understood the details of the assessment.

I have been informed of the conditions of the assessment and the appeals process and understand I may appeal if
I believe the assessment is not equitable, fair or just.
 I agree to participate in this assessment, and I am ready to be assessed.
 I certify that the attached is my own work (or in collaboration with other members of the group as required).

I have acknowledged all sources where appropriate in accordance with ILSC’s Academic Integrity Policy, and I
elieve other group members have done the same.
Assessor’s Acknowledgement:
Please verify each of the following principles of assessment by placing a tick in each box. Refer to the assessor's handbook for further
information if required.
Authentic: The assessor is assured that the evidence presented for assessment is the learner’s own work.
Valid: The assessor is assured that the learner has the skills, knowledge and attributes as described in the
module or unit of competency and associated assessment requirements.
ent: The assessor is assured that the assessment evidence demonstrates cu
ent competency. This
equires the assessment evidence to be from the present or the very recent past.
Sufficient: The assessor is assured that the quality, quantity and relevance of the assessment evidence enable a
judgement to be made of a learner’s competency.
ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V XXXXXXXXXX
Reference Only - your trainer will complete this Observation checklist on
Group Observation Checklist
This presentation is based on Task 8, 9 & 10.
Student Name Click here to enter text. Student ID# Click here to enter
Names of Students
in your group
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Trainer Name Click here to enter text. Date Click here to
enter a date.
Unit code and name
BSBMKG416 – Market goods and services internationally
Tasks to be observed Satisfactory Not
Group members sought advice and asked questions on details contained
in the marketing plan
☐ ☐
Group members each made recommendations on specific events to be
☐ ☐
Trainer approved the 2 specific marketing events as appropriate for the
☐ ☐
Group members have allocated individuals specific tasks to complete in
elation to the report, the evaluation and the presentation
☐ ☐
Appropriate evaluation tool has been developed ☐ ☐
Group has used trainer feedback and incorporated this into the report and
☐ ☐
All group members participated in the presentation ☐ ☐
The candidate’s performance was: Not satisfactory ☐ Satisfactory ☐
Feedback to candidate:
Click here to enter text.
Students Signatures ☐ Assessor Signature ☐
ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V XXXXXXXXXX
Assessment Task
Instructions to Student:
This assessment is based on the Strategic Marketing Plans which have been developed by the Queensland
and NSW Governments in relation to improving the number of tourists spending time in their respective
You have been provided with the appropriate Strategic Plan and your task is to: -
1. Individually develop a list of marketing or promotional activities that would be culturally
appropriate for your selected country (it is suggested that you select a country that you are
familiar with).
2. Form a group(s) based on a common selected country to which you would like to market Qld o
NSW tourism.
3. In your group, from the list of individual ideas, identify two (2) distinct marketing or promotional
activities that you would like to run in your selected country.
4. Develop a Marketing plan, including costings, suitability and viability for these events which
should also address ethical, legal and safety issues.
5. Discuss with your trainer your progress to date and seek advice on future directions.
6. Report on a scenario where both of these events have occu
7. Produce an evaluation tool for each event (e.g. survey, questionnaire).
8. Make an oral presentation on the events including recommendations for changes o
improvements for future events.
9. At various times during the presentation your trainer will engage with your group and complete
the observation checklist to fulfil specific requirements. The Observation Checklist, located at the
front of this assessment document, list the tasks the trainer will be observing during the
10. Each group member will need to lodge a copy of the report, the presentation, and the evaluation
tool individually.
ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V XXXXXXXXXX
Step 1 – Access a marketing plan for a specific international target market
For this assignment you will need to work in groups and address either the NSW or QLD governments’
tourism marketing strategy out to the year 2020
Step 2 - Select appropriate marketing activities
Once you have accessed the marketing plan specific to your selected international target market, you will
need to seek clarification about the marketing plan prior to commencing other activities. (Trainer will use
observation checklist)
The first section of the report should include the following:
1. Summarise the following:
 The State’s overall international marketing plan and strategy
 The specific international marketing goals and objectives
 The international target market
2. Identify and document a minimum of six (6) marketing activities for the target market.
3. From this analysis, select the two (2) most appropriate marketing activities for the product/service
for the specific region. Seek assistance and approval from your trainer in selecting the most
appropriate marketing activities.
4. Document the selected marketing activities with costs and rationale. Explain how your choice of
marketing activities meets the marketing objectives, cultural, ethical and legal considerations,
viability and cost requirements.
Step 3 – Implementing international marketing activities
Now that appropriate marketing activities for a specific region have been selected, it’s time to create an
action plan for implementing the two (2) selected marketing activities.
The second section of the report should include the following:
1. Prioritise and document chosen marketing activities.
2. Determine and document the resources needed for implementation.
3. Identify all legal, ethical, cultural and safety requirements that must be observed for implementing
the marketing activities.
4. Determine and document who will be involved in the marketing activities and what roles and
esponsibilities they will have to ensure a successful self-managed team.
5. Document an Activity Brief you would give people involved in the marketing activities.
6. Create an action plan on how your team will implemented the established promotional activities in
accordance with marketing objectives and budgetary requirements.
7. Create a tool (survey/questionnaire) that will monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the
marketing activities.
Step 4 - Monitor and review marketing performance. (Trainer to provide some thoughts and suggestions on
how the events were conducted so that this feedback can be incorporated into the report and presentation.)
The third section of your report should include the following:
1. Monitor and document progress against performance targets.
2. Identify and record any over-performance against targets. List any trends the over-performance
might indicate. Recommend new marketing targets.
3. From your research, analyse and identify any potential new business opportunities.
ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V XXXXXXXXXX
It is not a requirement to produce new information. Summarizing the main the points of the report and
showing a clear understanding of the unit. Each member of the group needs to contribute to the
References and Information sources: -
New South Wales
ILSC uses a 3rd party plagiarism checker
Upload your report, presentation and evaluation form with this completed
assessment on Moodle.
Step 5 – The report is summarised and presented to the class using PowerPoint/ Prezi or similar
    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Check Box1: Off
    Check Box2: Off
    Check Box3: Off
    Check Box4: Off
    Check Box5: Off
    Check Box6: Off
    Check Box7: Off
    Check Box8: Off
    Check Box9: Off

BSBMKG416 – Market goods and services internationally
Student Assessment Guide - Report
In this assessment you need to write a Promotional Activities Plan to promote Queensland OR New South Wales tourism to a foreign market (country). You need to choose between QLD and NSW, choose one foreign country (or region, if appropriate), and then write a report planning activities to promote the tourism of the state to the identified market. The proposed activities need to be culturally appropriate for the selected region.
There are different ways to write the report, and you can read the instructions and processes explained on the assessment to understand what is required.
The structure below was created based on the sections listed by the assessment, and covers all required topics. You can use it as a template to write the report.
You can also use the Marketing Plan Template and Guide available in Moodle to support your writing.
Answered Same Day Jul 16, 2020 BSBMKG416


Akansha answered on Jul 18 2020
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Marketing activities
Marketing activities
Queensland or NSW
Introduction    2
Potential Activities    2
Selected Activities    2
Activities overview    3
References:    6
The given assignment is about the international marketing plans, goals and strategies to attract tourism. Different strategic plans will be outlined along with its objectives and impact on the NSW and Queensland. Different promotional activities will be discussed over the particular region or concerned part of the country to know how tourism could be increased or how it could be better than earlier by using different strategies and techniques.
Potential Activities
· Queensland or NSW can be represented as a centre of excellence for giving nature-based educational and cultural tourism experiences.
· Attract business or official events to ensure the Queensland industry sector as it will increase the various earning opportunities for a large number of people.
· Promote and develop Queensland as one of the leading centres of Art and culture in Australia.
· Development of top class entertainment and stadium in Queensland CBD.
· Promote and develop Magnetic Island as suitable for increasing tourism destination and home-like experience for the concerned region.
· To promote the entertainment, social, fun events to attract a large number of tourism in the Queensland shortly (Sanders, N. (2007).
Selected Activities
The two selected promotional activities will be:
· Encourage social and events to attract a large number of tourist in the Queensland or NSW. This is the most beneficial method as cultural and social events have many chances to...

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