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You are the owner of a family run business based in London that provides cleaning services to homes, offices and commercial businesses. Your business prides itself in its commitment to quality service...

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You are the owner of a family run business based in London that provides cleaning services to homes, offices and commercial businesses. Your business prides itself in its commitment to quality service always at affordable cost and has built this reputation over the past ten years.
Using the above scenario, you are to carry out the underlisted tasks:
Task 1
Using the four functions of management approach, describe how you manage the day to day operations of your business activities. How can you ensure your staff continue to deliver on business goals with absolute commitment to quality.
LO1, LO3 (400 words)
Task 2
Suggest a possible structure for your business and highlight the benefits and relevance to the achievement of your business goals.
LO1 (300 words)
Task 3
Several models have been proposed explaining organisational culture. Charles Handy XXXXXXXXXXdescribes four types of culture. From the scenario above, suggest the possible culture of your business based on Handy's model and explain the importance of culture to achieving business performance.
LO2 (400 words)
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Communication plays a key role in business. Discuss 4 ways/strategies you have adopted to ensure effective communication of information in your business and avoid conflict.
LO4 (400 words)
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Strategic management
TASK 2    2
Suggest the best structure for business and highlight the key benefits of structure in achieving the business goals    2
TASK 3    4
Suggest possible culture of business based on Handy’s model and the importance of culture to achieving the business performance    4
TASK 4    6
Ways to be adopted to ensure effective communication of information in the business and avoid conflict    6
For enabling the successful family business, it is required to focus on effective management approaches as well as organization structure so that it may easily accomplish their goals and objectives. The present report focuses on given case scenario that is family based in London run businesses that provide cleaning services to offices, commercial businesses as well as homes. The family-run business is committed towards delivering the standard and quality of services to their clients at the affordable costs. However, the report consists of different tasks that focus on suggesting the best organisational structure for business and their benefits in achieving the business goals.
Suggest the best structure for business and highlight the key benefits of structure in achieving the business goals
Organisational structure defines how the tasks and activities are allocated within the organisation that is directly connected towards achieving their goals and objectives. Basically, two different types of business structure are used by the organisation it includes centralised and decentralised structure. Centralised business structure is defined as hierarchy that focuses on centering the power and authority to the top level thus all the business decisions are effectively taken by them (Ruesch et al. 2017). On the other hand, in decentralised organisation structure power or authority is not just limited to an individual but the power is delegated to different employees at each of the level.
To provide proper guidance to all employees through positioning official reporting relationship owner must focus on drafting proper structure of the business. It is essential for the family-run businesses to highlight their structure as it defines how tasks and activities are allocated and coordinated that support the organisation in accomplishing their aims and objectives (Danisewicz, Reinhardt and Sowe
utts, 2015). With the help of considering provided case scenario, it has been assessed that family owned and run their own business in London that engages in providing cleaning services to offices and homes. Through the provided information it has been assessed that family run business established in London focuses on the centralised business structure as four employees in the business mainly look after the key operations and activities within the business.
It has been suggested that centralised structure for business is suitable for the family-owned business as the power of authority and making the decision is possessed by the owner. All the crucial decisions are taken by the owner that results in supporting the cleaning business in accomplishing their goals and objectives. Along with this, the key benefit of the centralised organisational structure is that it mainly relies on an individual to make judgment and decisions that result in providing direction to the company towards attaining their business goal that is related with providing quality cleaning services.
On the other hand, Narman, Johnson and Gingnell (2016) has also stated that family business enabling centralised structure is extremely supportive and efficient regarding taking the effective business decision as business owners usually engage in developing the mission and vision of the organisation along with setting the objectives for employees and staffs that they need to follow for achieving the goals. In addition to this, business goal of cited firm focuses on enhancing their commitment towards maintaining the quality services at affordable prices. To accomplish the business goal centralised structure support in executing strategy and action in a fast manner so that it may enhance the performance of the business effectively and efficiently (Chelladurai, Radzi and Daud, 2017).
Furthermore, it has been also highlighted that the benefit of centralised structure is that it reduces the intensity of arising conflict and dispute among the management and employees regarding taking effective decision as the authority of decision making is among the management. The...

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