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Target Corporation Internal Evaluation Evaluate Target’s current organizational Structure. Include recommendation changes to the structure, Evaluate Target’s culture (including values) and...

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Target Corporation Internal Evaluation

Evaluate Target’s current organizational Structure.

Include recommendation changes to the structure,

Evaluate Target’s culture (including values) and processes.

Include recommendation changes to the culture and processes

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Ayan answered on Oct 06 2023
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Table of contents
Introduction    3
Organizational Structure Evaluation    3
ent Organizational Structure    3
Recommended Changes    3
Culture and Values Evaluation    4
ent Culture and Values    4
Recommended Changes    4
Processes Evaluation    5
ent Processes    5
Recommended Changes    5
Conclusion    6
    The long-standing American retail behemoth Target Corporation has been a leader in the sector for many years. We will carefully evaluate Target's present organizational structure, culture, values, and procedures in this in-depth study. We will also present a series of well thought suggestions designed to improve the company's effectiveness and flexibility in a retail environment that is always changing.
Organizational Structure Evaluation
ent Organizational Structure
    The conventional hierarchical approach that defines Target's cu
ent organizational structure dominates. There is a distinct chain of command, clearly defined positions, and a hierarchical reporting structure within this organization. Each functional division of the company is headed by an executive vice president or senior vice president (Raji & Buolamwini, 2019). Although traditionally providing stability and consistency, this structure may now confront difficulties in the cu
ent fast-paced, digital-driven retail market.
    The present organizational structure of Target Corporation follows a classic hierarchical style that is distinguished by a distinct chain of command and well defined reporting relationships. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who presides over the company's overall strategic direction and performance, is at the top of the organizational structure. The Executive Leadership Team, which consists of senior executives in charge of several functional areas including Merchandising, Marketing, Operations, Finance, and Human Resources, reports directly to the CEO. These functional divisions are crucial to how the business operates. While marketing concentrates on promotion and consumer involvement, merchandising is in charge of making product decisions and setting prices. Operations are in charge of distribution, supply chain management, and retail operations, while Finance is in charge of financial management and reporting. Recruitment and employee interactions are managed by human resources. The organizational structure extends to regional and retail levels beneath this top-level management. Each store is handled by a store manager who answers to a regional manager in charge of a collection of businesses in a certain area. Corporate support activities including legal, information technology, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility are also essential in ensuring the firm runs efficiently and morally. Due to Target's
oad retail network, supply chain and logistics are essential for controlling the flow of goods from suppliers to distribution centers and stores. With a focus on e-commerce platforms, data analytics, and digital solutions and tight collaboration with multiple divisions to improve the customer experience, the technology team is playing an ever-more-important role in the company. Store associates, cashiers, and department supervisors make up the workforce at the entry level of the organizational structure. The hierarchical structure has historically offered...

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