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Your report should contain four main sections : 1. Section 1 : Business background Explain the background of the selected business clearly and comprehensively, investigating who they are, what...

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Your report should contain four main sections :
1. Section 1 : Business background
Explain the background of the selected business clearly and comprehensively,
investigating who they are, what services they provide, what is their market or
target, what are they competitive advantages and how they provide those services.
You may also discuss, using theory, why the services have likely emerged successfully
and accepted by the market.
2. Section 2 : Digital disruption analysis (Impact of the emerging technology)
Provide your deep analysis of the impacts of the emerging technology which disrupts
the current industries by applying the theory comprehensively. You may also predict
the potential digital disruption in future. Explain how the digital disruption
innovation can engage with existing market or even create new market and how
they market their value to the market. Define how best to respond to the challenges
and opportunities that disruption offers.
3. Section 3 : Challenges and opportunities offered by the emerging technology in
Discuss the potential challenges and opportunities of the emerging technology in
future. You may discuss the future trend, development or critical issue of the
artificial intelligence technology
4. Section 4 : References
You will need to use between 10 and 20 references to support your arguments.
Make sure you cite your work with key references that will support all arguments
you make. Harvard Referencing should be the referencing style used.

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Investigating a Digital Disruption
Business Background
    The involvement in the business of the organization is engaged in the commercial or professional activities in which production of goods within the company or retailing of the products in the market are initiated and operated to fulfill its goals and objectives. In order to achieve success in the competitive marketplace or create challenges to the other companies, application of new or advanced technology is considered appropriate (Luckin, Koedinger & Greer, 2017). In the achievement of the growth and success, technologies have the important roles to assist the companies to run businesses in the market and improve their profits rather than the competitive challenges.
    In this scenario, the use of technology in the online retail business is considered as the most successful initiation that serves as regulating businesses continuously and profitably. Online retail business is the e-commerce business in which a company sale different categories of the products to the customers directly using medium of different technology, such as websites, computers, Internet, and other communication tools and technologies (Luckin, Koedinger & Greer, 2017). Online retail business in the present scenario is considered as the most successful business in the world than the offline retailing. In the online retail business process, an organization selects B2C retailing strategy to reduce costs of different types of expenses and sales its products cheap and convenient to access to the customers.
    At this stage, Amazon is an online retailer operated its business at the global level with selling different kinds of the products to the customers. Amazon is a world leader online retail company that has challenged most of the companies in this sector. However, in the present scenario, Amazon has initiated a new business concept to enhance its business growth and market in different parts of the world (Issa & Tomayess, 2015). Amazon has initiated to use virtual assistant technology or artificial technology based on voice-activated contextual artificial intelligence to work most of the work of the customers. The use of a virtual assistant has become voice-activated helpers in case of searching different types of information and complete everyday tasks in all manner with more intuitive ways.
    Amazon has implemented or utilized Virtual Assistant Alexa that is an artificial intelligence technology developed to get digital voice assistant occupying within the organization. It is connected with the Echo smart speaker and Fire TV of the company in order to use it order tens of millions of items by simply asking (Issa & Tomayess, 2015). The Virtual Assistant Alexa is the Amazon’s virtual assistant that works after asking questions because it has been assigned in order to perform a host of different or several tasks. Additionally, Alexa is integrated to provide services to the customers effectively and efficiently. Therefore, Alexa is a technology that communicates with a cloud-based service in the organization.
    The services that Amazon’s Alexa can provide can be considered as mimicking real conversations when using intuitive voice commands in order to perform specific tasks. At the same time, organizing schedules, playing music, and sending a hands-free text is few functions of its services that provided effectively. The target market of the Alexa is the other business organization, common people or its potential customers that allow them to use voice-controlled virtual assistant successfully (Corea, 2017). The business organizations can use this technology in the workplace to complete everyday tasks and the common people can use it in their home to play the musing, switch on the lights, fan and other devices.
    The competitive advantage can be taken due to Alexa is Echo, Dot & Tap that can be used in the voice-only devices. It has also competitive advantages that can be seen as positioning itself into the home. Therefore, this technology can be used by most of the common people in ordering online retail products from Amazon that is competitive advantage of this technology. They provide services to the people as using a voice-assistant program to use third party devices in asking questions or order the Alexa...

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