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—You are required to think of an interesting business-research idea and develop this idea into a formal, clearly-articulated research question – a problem-statement. This question will be used as the...

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—You are required to think of an interesting business-research idea and develop this idea into a formal, clearly-articulated research question – a problem-statement. This question will be used as the organising framework for a critical literature review of previous academic research in the area. —Assignment 3 has two related stages. The first is to convert your idea into aresearchable questionusing the techniques taught in the first two weeks of the unit. The second is to write acritical literature reviewusing the methods taught in week 3 of the unit. —The overall objective is to produce a formal research question and set of research objectives based on a rigorous assessment of the available evidence on the topic. This will be the basis for your development of the project report in Assignment 3. —You are encouraged to discuss your research idea(s) with your lecturer and fellow students in the workshops/tutorials as well as study the materials for the first three weeks of the unit carefully. You will start with a general research idea and, as you go through the literature review, you will modify and hone your question into a clear and concise statement that could form the basis of a research design.
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Introducing Research In Tourism
According to Xiao and Smith, (2006) the tourism sector has witnessed the rapid changes in research methodology sophistication and focus. Therefore these changes analysis provide insights about the development in research in tourism sector and evolution of tourism research (Sheldon, 1991).
A tourism company is looking to build new resorts in Nepal but it has a dilemma where to set up this new resorts. The tourism company has resorts in hilly areas but it does not have information about the travel trends or environmental issues as well as information about the suitable land availability. It wants to explore the area before investing to build a resort. The tourism company historically focused towards hilly areas resorts building mainly and therefore it is inclined to build the resort in this area but it is uncertain about the tourism scope in Nepal. The tourism company also has business consumers mainly and it does not focus till now to attract largely customers coming for leisure and adventure purposes. Therefore to end this dilemma a research is proposed to be undertaken. This research will assist company to understand the location feasibility and investment opportunity. The research will explore the key questions that the tourism company is intended to trying to address.
The significance of tourism research is understood with various factors that it takes under consideration. It identifies the tourism trends as well as tourism research methods and issues. It considers hospitality and ecotourism as well as sustainable development of local community. The importance of special events transport, management and human resource management are signified by the research. The research also assists to build the tourism policy and builds insights about the environmental interpretation. The research proposes better tourism education and training and promotion of business tourism. It also focuses towards sports and leisure tourism. Therefore the research has great significance to familiarise the company towards these importance aspects.
The scope of the research is reflected with these facts that the research can encompass challenges as well as trends in Nepal to build a resort. It can assist company to overcome from the issues such as government poor initiatives, poor infrastructure, or trends such as tourism is promoted in Nepal for leisure purpose only or for other purposes.
The geographical scope reflects taking consideration of cost and access of tourism destination. It also takes into account the sustainable development initiatives for the local areas by considering the effect on habitats and species in the region.
It also considers the tracking of tourists and their movement patterns in Nepal. The cultural impact, beliefs and attitudes of local and international tourists coming to Nepal and other relevant factors are analysed by this study. Therefore, a lot of scope is promised by the proposed research. This can assist the company to gain the insights about the proposed destination.
Problem statement and objectives
How the trends of tourism in Nepal are going to affect the business performance of the tourism company? The objectives of the research are to know the tourists movement, sustainable development initiatives, economic benefits out of operation, investment in tourism sector, tourist intentions to visit Nepal for educational purposes, business purposes or leisure purposes, religious purposes etc., the role of government to support tourism, security system and infrastructural development.
Literature review
The rise of tourism in the country is due to the fact that there is a poor record from the manufacturing sector that attributed to the development of the tourism in the country. It is also found that the poor infrastructural development and lack of skilled workforce cause ba
iers for manufacturing industry but these problems also mar the growth of tourism in the country Nepal. But even after this the tourism sector has contributed well to the local economy and the tourism sector contribution towards the economy of Nepal is significant and it is after only workers’ remittances and merchandised export. The tourism is important for the country because the contribution of the tourism to the merchandise sector was found 4 percent and for service sector it was 55% as well as for goods and services export, tourism contribution was 25 percent.
The findings suggest that there was a declined trend in tourism sector after 2012 and the guests numbers fallen considerably. The occupancy rates in five star hotels were below the 90 percent. The decrease of tourists from European countries was also visible.
The decrease of 0.7 percent was found in tourists visiting the country. The Nepal...

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