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You are required to consider a new business you can develop. Consider areas of your expertise, where you can provide benefit into a business environment. Once identified, you are to implement your...

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You are required to consider a new business you can develop. Consider areas of your expertise, where you can provide benefit into a business environment. Once identified, you are to implement your recruitment process to select staff for employment into your organisation / department.

To demonstrate this, you need to:

  • Explain your reasoning for creating this vacancy
  • Develop a position descriptor for the vacancy
  • Identify the personnel specifications for this vacancy
  • Develop job advertisements for at least 2 media streams
  • Detail the cost involved with lodging both job advertisements
  • Conduct a job interview with 2 fellow students***1
  • Select the most suitable candidate for the position (or explain why no candidate is suitable)
  • Negotiate salary and employment conditions with successful candidate***2
  • Advise the successful candidate of the result in writing
  • Advise the unsuccessful candidate of the result in writing

***1 Your assessor will allocate other students to play the role of the candidate, whilst you perform the role of the employer. It is important that you take this part seriously, as this is valuable experience in both interviewing candidates AND applying for positions. Your assessor will observe this process closely!

***2 Your assessor will provide you with a total package available to offer, providing the boundaries in which to negotiate with the successful candidate.

Things to consider whilst role-playing the interviewer:

  • Be organised
  • Prepare a selection criterion to use for each interview
  • Know your position
  • Know your company
  • Arrange access to all required documentation for this process
  • Be prepared to ask questions
  • Be prepared to be asked questions

Things to consider whilst role-playing the job seeker:

  • Be prepared
  • Develop your CV
  • Apply sincerely for the position – use it as practice for real job applicants
  • Have questions ready
  • Answer all questions to the best of your ability
  • Try to win the job
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Parul answered on Aug 22 2021
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New business that I can Develop
In this COVID pandemic, I have observed that most of us are operating offline yet are connected more than ever. One thing that has changed more than ever how employees interact and work in a team. This is possible because of the technology and digitalisation of majority of processes and system all across the domains. Therefore, I see that there is a very good business opportunity in providing. Therefore, new business can be developed by managing and operating online, specially, engaging and empowering the workforce without physically interacting with them.
Area of Expertise where I can contribute to the Organisation
My expertise is in managing people and formulating a concrete process that can enhance the employee engagement and performance.
People and Analytical Skills – HR Business Partner is a field that is truly been developing as a most grounded area in a years ago. Today, there are part of instruments that create enormous measure of information. By the creating explanatory ability, I would have the option to clear the clamour from data and determine bits of knowledge into the information. This expertise assumes a basic job in giving the senior chiefs basic data to such an extent that they can take educated choices. For example, how are the top-entertainers of the organization, which workers may leave the association in coming not many months, what are the holes between the abilities required by the business just as expertise controlled by the representatives, how to upgrade the profitability of the business.
angement Skills – Another basic expertise that, as a HR chief one needs to create is solid exchanges aptitudes. A
angement is a greater amount of science than a craftsmanship by the prudence of which one can fathom the intrigue and need of the other party included. This permits the HR to understand what might spur the other party with the end goal that the general choice poos in the te
itory that issues the most to the administration. In fact, this ability likewise builds up the authority aptitude that is basic in this VUCA world, an a
eviation that represents instability, vulnerability, unpredictability and uncertainty.
Networking and Communication Skills - A solid hang on co
espondence assumes a principal job in business, yet likewise in customary everyday presence and being a HR pro anticipates that you should be a pro communicator and mediator. A fundamental limit of a HR capable is to support co
espondence between the affiliation and its agents. This suggests you ought to rely strongly upon your formed and oral social capacities to get messages over all levels. Essential prerequisite of creating solid relational abilities incorporates capacity to trades messages, convince others and persuade, or more all, spur the representatives to accomplish wanted outcomes.
Explain your reasoning for creating this vacancy
Primary reason for creating this vacancy is to manage large and diverse employees spread all across at different locations. To guarantee the coherence a
anging and food of smooth working of associations, the HR groups must build up certain key centre zones or abilities to guarantee greatest profitability after this pandemic lockdown.
Develop a position descriptor for the vacancy
We are looking for someone to nurture, improve and scale everything People across the business. We have big growth plans and our ability to attract, engage and develop our talented team is core to our continued success. This role will be integral to that process - you will be our first "People" person and will be entrusted to lead our end-to-end employee experience. You will have a small team to support you and will be an integral part of our management team (working closely with the senior leadership) and engaging with everyone across the business to help us continually grow, learn, and evolve as an organisation. As a human resource manager, you will oversee the human resources department and ensure functions and tasks are being ca
ied out by the HR team. You will also be responsible for attracting, motivating, and retaining the most qualified talent by directing the administrative functions of the HR department. This includes being the go-to person for all employee-related issues. If you are a highly ambitious, personable problem-solver, then this is an opportunity to oversee all things People at a growing business.
Identify the personnel specifications for this vacancy
· Hands-on experience working in HR domain for at least 5 years, ideally within an agile-paced or technology-focused growing small-to-medium environment.
· Strong generalist background with plenty of recruitment experience.
· Comfortable with wearing many hats. Whether it is recruitment, learning and development or People operations - the idea of proactively leading initiatives across the end-to-end...

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