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ASSIGNMENT TWO Assessment Category 2: Written Assignment / Self reflective writing 1 - Critical Reflection on Case Study Dear Students, During the 8 th week, you are required to submit your second...

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Assessment Category 2: Written Assignment / Self reflective writing 1 - Critical Reflection on Case Study Dear Students, During the 8 th week, you are required to submit your second written summative assessment of 1200 words, which counts for the 20% of your overall grade. Please pay attention on the below Task Requirements: Task: Provide a critical self reflection of the process of completing assignment 1 For completing this Task successfully, you must read carefully the 8 th week’s content as well summarize all the academic knowledge you receive from the module’s content and professional benefits you received while critically analyzed Amazon’s case towards marketing strategies during the completeness of the summative assignment 1 during the 4th week of the module. The indicators of a good reflection are: It is personal to you It is clear how the learning relates to your role or prepares for a future role It outlines the content and method of the learning activity It describes how your knowledge, skills and attributes have developed as a result of the learning activity. It identifies any further gaps or learning you did not cover and how you might fill these. It describes how your cu
ent practice might change as a result You can approach your Self Reflective writing as per the four stages below: 1. What did I expect to learn? 2. What did I learn? 3. What will I do differently going forwards? 4. My actions and next steps A strong Assignment Critical Reflection Requires addressing to the following issues: High personal effectiveness: - Critical self-awareness, - Self-reflection and self-management; - Time management; - Sensitivity to diversity in people and different situations and - The ability to continue to learn through reflection on practice and experience. Guidelines for completion: 1. The word limit is 1,200 words, +/- 10% inclusive of appendices. Bear in mind that the appendices count towards the word limit so avoid including organisational material such as annual reports in any appendices. 2. Where you quote directly or take ideas from something you have read you must reference these co
ectly using the Harvard referencing system, not numbered footnotes. 3. Assignments should be word-processed in Times New Roman 12 point type. 4. As this is a self reflective practice within your writing you can use of the first person such as ‘I’ or ‘we’. Plagiarism You are free to quote directly or indirectly from any publication, provided that you give a reference for the author or originator. In other words, if the research or the views you cite are not your own, then you MUST acknowledge your source(s), in accordance with the Harvard style whereby citations are made in the text by author and date, with a full alphabetical listing at the end of the paper. If you fail to acknowledge your sources, you run the risk of being accused of plagiarism, which is an academic offence. The University’s guidelines on academic offences are available online. http: Please note that tutors cannot read large amounts of material prior to handing in, so please do not ask them to do so. We can advise on style and overall structure but will not proof read. Draft assignments cannot be evaluated by module staff. Please submit your work through the Turnitin link set up in the Assessment folder on the module’s Blackboard site. Please use your University identification number, not your name, and ensure that the document is clearly marked in terms of your Scheme, the module and the module leader. Number each page of the document submitted. It is recommended that you place your identification number on each separate page of the document. Length: A word processed self reflective essay of 1,200 (+/- 10%) words (inclusive of appendices, NOT inclusive of references). Submission deadline: End of week 8
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Nishtha answered on Jul 06 2021
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The marketing strategy is the most important aspect of any business. That one part makes difference among competitors. This part of the assignment is a critical reflection of the assignment 1. The previous assignment is an in-depth study of the top down marketing strategy and outside in strategy. Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce sites. They praised for reliability and a great buying experience, always collaborating with the seller to deliver great quality with every buy. Whatever Amazon is doing and the way, it is working can be analyse from a different point of views and different perspectives.
The company is rapidly growing, and experts predict that the platform will soon control the global market together with Google and Facebook. Amazon is an incredible demonstration of strategic partnership. Smith, Rupp and Offodile (2017) have mentioned that Amazon created an ecosystem where other people can sell their goods in addition to Amazon, and the platform takes fees on every sale. The marketing strategy is
illiant, as they are building
and trust and authority with the masses so that the public will buy from the sellers on Amazon.
The Company has created a massive affiliate network, meaning that third party advertisers can drive traffic to the Amazon platform and make money too. The whole amazon story is about innovation. The company adopts different strategy operating business in different part of the world. Amazon scans the environment carefully, plans the strategy according to the preferences, and needs of the customers. The company earns from the both side, from the seller as well as from the buyer side as well. As informed by Yu (2019), the top down marketing approach focuses on the top level of management. It is not best strategy that amazon used.
The company believes that every section of the organization must be centrally connected. As noted by Finne and Gronroos (2017), it will improve the communication channels of the company and boast productivity. The top down marketing approach starts with the top-level system and then goes to the low level of system. Amazon after sometimes realize that the most important strategy for them is communication. The company uses cloud storage and extensive communication.
With following the top down strategy, the top-level management takes important marketing decision and using extensive communication system and top down approach, the information disseminated to all the members, employees and relevant parties. A clear communication system enhances the performance. Communication is not only what the company put out, but also a major component in how the company processes the world around them. The conversation is internal initially, and then it can be ve
alize or acted upon according to, how a customer feels and how to serve them better.
No one can attain success without the help and assistance of others; therefore, it is vital to have successful communication system in the organization. Successful communication skills will allow customer and employee to have productive relationships with one another. It allows the Amazon to communicate its goals and directions more effectively. The actual plan and...

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