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Write a review of literature based on Virtual Reality. The review of literature will focus on the following questions.What are the key points of agreement among the sources?What are the key points of...

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Write a review of literature based on Virtual Reality. The review of literature will focus on the following questions.

  • What are the key points of agreement among the sources?
  • What are the key points of disagreement among the sources?
  • Do any of the sources appear to be outliers? In other words, are there any sources that bring up issues, or make assertions, that the other sources do not discuss?
  • Which sources appear to be the most powerful or influential? Are there sources that all of the other sources deem highly authoritative?
  • Are there any sources whose assertions seem dubious, illogical, or unsupported by the facts?
  • How has thinking changed about your topic over time? Are there beliefs that have fallen out of favor?
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Deblina answered on May 29 2023
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Literature Review on Virtual Reality         2
Table of Contents

Introduction    3
Agreements for Virtual Reality    3
Disagreements of Virtual Reality    4
Potential Outliers    4
Influential Sources    5
Unsupported Viewpoints    5
Evolution of Virtual Reality    5
Conclusion    5
References    7
Virtual reality has gained significant attention in the recent years which has revolutionised various fields including entertainment, education, healthcare, and training. This review of literature aims to analyse the key points of agreement and disagreement among the sources, identify the potential outliers, assess the influence and the authority of the different sources, evaluate the credibility of the assertions, and explore the changes in thinking over time. The review shall explore the points of agreement and disagreement effectively to understand the potential aspects of the virtual reality in the recent times.
Agreements for Virtual Reality
The consensus among the sources has projected that virtual reality provides an immersive experience that can transport users to virtual environments enhancing their sense of presence and engagement. However, it has been contextually agreed among various sources about the potential applications of the virtual reality including training, simulations, architectural design, psychotherapy, rehabilitation, and gaming. Many sources and literature acknowledge that virtual reality has
ought effective benefits in the educational field by facilitating interactive and experiential learning among the students as well as for the teachers. This aspect of virtual learning has gained grounds immensely due to the aspects of COVID 19. It also enhanced the prospect of teaching learning process which has been documented and observed by most of the literary sources (Yeung et al., 2020). There has been agreement in various literatures about the prospect of virtual reality in terms of its therapeutic potential particularly in treating anxiety disorders and phobias. The aspect of virtual reality become popular particularly in treating pain management and post trauma stress disorder. Many literatures have also emphasized the need to address the ethical concerns that are associated with virtual reality such as piracy and the...

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