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Write a research paper essay of at least 2-3 full pages, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, and 1-inch margins all the way around. Using passed volunteers experiences (in journals, articles, websites,...

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Write a research paper essay of at least 2-3 full pages, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, and 1-inch margins all the way around.

Using passed volunteers experiences (in journals, articles, websites, reports, books, etc.) write an essay describing what it was like to help out at places like local food bank/pantries through programs and organizations like:

the Emergency Response Support for Food Program,

Your paper should address some of the questions below about local volunteer work:

1. What?

· What happens at these sites?

· What did they observe?

· What is like volunteering/working there?

· What issue is being addressed?

· What population is being served?

2. What do people say about volunteer work?

· What skills or clarify an interest did they gain?

· What did they see or feel that surprised them?

· How is their experience different from what they expected?

· What impacts the way they view the situation/experience?

· What did they like/dislike about the experience?

· What did they learn about the people/community?

· What are some of the pressing needs/issues in the community?

· How does this project address those needs?

3. Now What?

· What seems to be the root cause of the issue addressed?

· What other work is currently happening to address the issue?

· What learning occurred for them in this experience?

· How can they apply this learning?

· What additional information would they like to learn more about related to this project or issue?

· What follow-up is needed to address any challenges or difficulties?

· What information did they feel compelled to share with their peers or the community?

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Sunabh answered on Aug 14 2021
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Last Name:    2
Title: Emergency Response Support for Food Program
1. What?    3
2. What do people say about volunteer work?    3
3. Now What?    5
Works Cited    6
1. What?
The selected sites were a part of ‘Emergency Response Support for Food Program’. The volunteer programs were actually food distribution organizations and they provide food assistance to children, old age individuals, people with disability, single parents, students and much more. Further, ‘Feeding America’ supports everyone by making food available for everyone affected by coronavirus pandemic.
Volunteers observed that these food distribution sites were helping not only homeless individuals rather; they were providing food assistance to almost every individuals in need i
espective of their age, profession, cast or religion.
It was reported that volunteering at these sites was like being the part of a social cause, which was not limited to America or any other specific nation rather, all around the globe (Feeding America). COVID-19 is a pandemic and volunteering with these organisations was like supporting and strengthening humanity against pandemic.
Lack of food resources in the society due to cu
ent COVID-19 pandemic is being addressed through these organisations. COVID-19 affected every individual physically, mentally or financially, falling economy as well as lack of jobs created hunger within communities and these organisations are working to driver hunger away for good.
Every individual affected due to COVID-19 and suffering from hunger issues or lack of food resources is being served by these organisations.
2. What do people say about volunteer work?
Learning from these...

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