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Write a persuasive academic essay on one of three given topics related to management theory. The essay will be written in accordance with the guidelines for writing academic essays in the Academic...

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Write a persuasive academic essay on one of three given topics related to management theory. The essay will be written in accordance with the guidelines for writing academic essays in the Academic Learning Skills (ALS) student guide “Essay Writing”. You are required to submit the reference list and plan of your essay in week 6 in hard copy to your tutor for evaluation and feedback: The argumentative essay must agree or disagree with one of the statements below: a) In today’s turbulent environment only organic organisational structures are effective. OR b) Job design only benefits employers through increased job performance; it has no benefits for workers. OR c) Diversity is a barrier to effective teamwork. Your essay must include:  At least five reference sources including the text book, none of which are internet sources, e.g. websites.  Correct argumentative essay structure. Refer to the Academic Learning Skills student guide “Essay Writing”.  Harvard referencing for any sources you use. Refer to the Academic Learning Skills student guide “Referencing”.
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Diversity is a ba
ier to effective teamwork - Disagreement
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Table of content
Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------------------3
Types of diversity---------------------------------------------------------------------4
Respecting Every Diversity---------------------------------------------------------6
Strategies for being proactive and addressing potential issues--------------7
Advantages of having a diverse workforce--------------------------------------8
    The world is growing smaller and smaller with the inclusion of internet into the world. People are now growing closer and closer in the work environment. The multinational corporations have merged people from multiple cultures, diversities, countries, regions to produce diverse workplaces. In major metro cities, people from multiple cities come together to a common workplace. The word “workplace diversity” aims at the differences in the gender, race, age, cultural differences and the socioeconomic backgrounds including the fundamental value system of a person. The major aim of this report is to understand what
oader view of the diversity. By
oadening the view and being aware of the different types we can ensure that the workplace can be truly fair and equal and we can realise the full potential of a well diverse workforce.
Types of diversity
    There are multiple forms of diversity that we come across in a work place. A multinational organisation or even a mid-scale organisation comes across multiple forms of diversity. They include:
Age, religion, Racial, Disability, gender, sexual orientation, personality, socio economic status, education level etc. We would discuss the top 5 diversities and their issues.
Age: There has been multiple researches regarding the generation a person is born in. They are Millennial, Gen X, Baby Boomers etc. It is true that people with certain age group think in a certain way and that is one thing that should be maintained. People with different age groups need to stay together to find out all angles to a problem and all the solutions that can be created. A differed angular point of view is necessary in a team. A mix balance of all age groups should be maintained. (Rao, K. and Tilt, C., 2016)
Religion: If religion would have affected work quality, a few of the religions would never had been hired. But this is not true, so why are there differences in the considerations for people with certain beliefs and thought processes. A mix culture of all religions should be maintained in a company. An organisation needs to respect the religion of the personnel and also grant him/her holidays on the record for the religion he/she is following. This gesture demands respect for the organisation and adds credit points for being a good place to work.
Racial: People who have always been a part of the development workforce, consider U.S were never treated fairly. The Asians, Blacks, Native Americans all played a varied role...

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