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Assessment One Develop a Case history and a Venue Condition Assessment (VCA) Form. Select a venue to assess Try to speak with the proprietors/managers to gain proprietary information There are two...

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Assessment One
Develop a Case history and a Venue Condition Assessment (VCA) Form.
Select a venue to assess
Try to speak with the proprietors/managers to gain proprietary information
There are two parts to this Assessment which assess the learning in Topics 2 – 5.
Assessment One
Part 1: Case History
Write a
ief case history of your chosen venue, and this should be considered as a prelude to Assessment 2.
The case history should include;
A description of the venue, its location, size and purpose.
A history of the site, including any refu
ishments or improvements. Providing values for these will add context and value.
ent operating condition and maintenance schedule of the venue.
A floor plan for the relevant Venue Condition Assessment
Part 2: Design a Venue Condition Assessment form.
Assessment One cont.
    No.    Item    Functionality            Cleanliness        Refu
ishment                        Life Cycle            Working Condition    Maintenance
Facility Condition Index
                                Year                Cost        Life Expectancy    Remaining Life Expectancy                
    1.    Gyprock Walls                                                                             
    2.    False Ceiling                                                                             
    3.    Cement Floor                                                                             
    4.    Glass Door                                                                             
    5.    Glass Window                                                                             
    Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment                                                                         
    1.    Tables                                                                             
    2.    Chairs                                                                             
    3.    Fridges                                                                             
    4.    Counters                                                                             
    5.    Shelves                                                                             
    6.    Espresso Machine                                                                             
    Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning                                                                        
    1.    Air Conditioner                                                                             
    Lighting & Cabling                                                                        
    1.    Standing & Table Lamps                                                                             
    2.     Ceiling Downlights                                                                             
    3.    Wiring/Cable                                                                             
    Audio Visual & Information Technology                                                                        
    1.    Speaker                                                                             
    2.    Wi-Fi Router                                                                             
    3.    POS System                                                                              
    Safety & Security                                                                        
    1.    Emergency Exit Sign                                                                             
    2.    Smoke Detector                                                                             
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