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Word limit: 3300 words (55% of course assessment weighting) Due date (Adelaide Time) 18 Sep 2020, 5:00 PM This assignment is designed to lead you through a methodical evaluation of a project. Your...

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Word limit: 3300 words (55% of course assessment weighting)

Due date (Adelaide Time)

18 Sep 2020, 5:00 PM

This assignment is designed to lead you through a methodical evaluation of a project. Your role is to critically analyse (not summarise) one real project* that has already been completed– not one still in progress. I want to see that you have thought about the project and offered critical comments and insights based on your understanding of project management and its concepts.

*The project:

Search for a real project. You can choose a project that was completed successfully or one that was not completed successfully. Please note that we strongly encourage the selection of projects related to your field of

Version 1 (31 July XXXXXXXXXX

study (i.e Health, Art, IT, Management, etc). However, you are free to choose any completed project.


You are encouraged to search the Web for the selected project and to collect any type of information about the project, making sure to cover different viewpoints. This could include newspapers, project management magazine and journals. As this project is a real case you are required to expand the information presented in the references (i.e. source).

Write a report that critically analyses how the project was planned and performed. The report should include:

1. Executive Summary
2. Brief introduction to the project.
(Please give an overview of your project. This should explain what the project was and the context in which the project occurred. Provide clear identification of the objective(s) and scope of the project).
3. A project stakeholder analysis(who were the key stakeholders; what were their respective interests; how well were they managed).
4. A brief description of how the project was initiated and planned(eg. strategy, key events, tools used etc).
5. Describe the implementation phase of the project.In particular, explain whether the project ran to plan – in which case explain the benefits of careful planning to the project manager. Alternatively, if the project deviated from plan, why did this occur and what was the impact of these deviations for the project?
6. A critical analysis of the project outcome(i.e. identify the critical factors that made this project a success or a failure).
7. Concludeby reflecting on the project, and what did you learn? What good practices will you, as a manager, take from this to future projects, and what activities would you not do in the future and why?
8. Recommendation/sfor future project managers for improving the project work based on deficiencies of the analysed project.
9. The report should be fully referenced.A minimum of 15 references drawn from the project management literature is required, of which a minimum of 5 must be from the course e-Readings. A Reference List is required that shows all sources cited in your assignment (a bibliography is NOT required).
10. Appendices:Appendices as appropriate.

The report shouldnotexceed 2500 words (excluding the references) and should be formatted using 1.5 line spacing and a font size of 12pt (Times New Roman). The word limit is counted from the first word of the introduction to the last word of the conclusion/recommendations.

Assessment criteria

The assignment will be assessed on the following criteria:

Content (50% component weighting)

-Background knowledge and context of the project issue
-Demonstrated application of project management concepts in appropriate setting -Demonstrated ability to define the project management issues
-Answers are well supported by logical reasoning and appropriate data/information evidence -Clear focus of the strategic issues and/or ramifications relevant to the project problem

Research/Analysis (30% of component weighting)

-Evidence of depth of research of the identified project
-Evidence of scholarship that supports appropriate theoretical concepts applied
-Demonstrated ability of critical analysis. Clarity in methodology in analysing and evaluating the project

Report Organisation (20% of the component weighting)

-Clarity in describing and documenting the report, including clear headings, themes and conceptual flow. Accurate spelling and grammar to clearly convey the message and meaning.
-Referencing (Harvard author-date system, thoroughly and correctly used); minimum 15 references from the project management literature, of which 5 are from the course e-Readings

Version 1 (31 July XXXXXXXXXX

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Moumita answered on Sep 04 2021
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Executive Summary
This project
iefly discusses the project of the Google Glass initiated by Google X and later it was separated from Google and only owned by the X. A project has different dimensions that can lead it to the steps of success. Success can be achieved through various procedures. Google glass for an instance was very promising but it failed to achieve such success ultimately. At first, the product launch was not done in a proper way. Other than that, this report also discusses the initiation process and the different strategies undertaken to make the project successful. A project needs a lot of hard work to be finally executed within the market area. That is the reason why it is very important to put on a lot of focus on the whole project. In order to assess the Google glass project scenario it is very important to analyse all the different stages and the persecution associated with the project itself.
The project has also given a
ief overview of the different reflective phases and a well-constructed conclusion to draw a certain ending to the research that has been conducted. The project has discussed the different downsides associated with the project. Along with that, the recommendation section has also underlined the possible solutions that could have made the whole project work. The factors that have led the project to uncertainty have been focused within this research as well. This report has successfully drawn the attention of the feeders on the different stages and concepts that go within a project. Other than that, the report has also specified the different factors that contributed to the downfall of the project itself within the transitional market or the futuristic market scenario. These different things have been specified within the report for acquiring a better understanding on the development of a successful project.
Table of Contents
Introduction to the Project    4
Project Stakeholder Analysis    5
Initiation and Planning of the Project    6
Implementation process of the Project    7
Critical Analysis of the Project Outcome    8
Reflection and Conclusion    9
Recommendations    9
References    11
Introduction to the Project
The project that will be talked about in this report is the Google glass. It can also be considered as the smart glasses. These glasses are made in the shape of the eyeglasses and it does all the activities that a Smartphone is capable of doing. Without engaging the hands, the Google glasses offered a better vision and better services associated with the Smartphone activities (Wei, et al. 2018). Google X. initially launched this project. Later Google has left the ownership and in a way the ownership has only concentrated upon the company, X. Google Glass was a project that has a futuristic angle within it. In this age of modernization, Google Glass offered a modernized version of the Smartphone without the involvement of the hands (Chang et al. 2016). This project was unique and had a special standard within it. That is the reason why this project has been taken, as it can be able to provide a lot of overview on these factors that the topic emphasize.
The prototype of the glasses was first introduced to the market of the United States in the year 2013. Google itself solely occupied the manufacturer of the glasses. The glasses have a video camera option and all the different activities that were provided by the smart phones. However, the idea behind the Google glasses is good and modernized but it has acquired a lot of criticism after the initial launch (Rehman & Cao, 2016). The scientists have discovered the fact that it can be very unhealthy on the eyes of human beings as the different things and the display is really close to the eyes. The people are also not very much likely in investing in the Google glass. The profit ratio of the glasses was reducing day by day. Finally, in the year 2015 Google declared to stop the production of these glasses (Chaballout et al., 2016). These are the initial historical information associated with the project Google Glass launched by Google X in the market. Further information associated with the project is discussed below with
ief details.
Project Stakeholder Analysis
In a project, there are different stakeholders who hold the responsibility of the products. In this case, the stakeholders associated with the project are the consumers, the Google glass team and the individual developers. All of their planning and hard work has gone in the preparation of this project. Other than that, there are various other dimensions as well. Stakeholders’ management has been higher in customers. Therefore, the consumers are considered as the greatest stakeholders because the profit of their new launch has relied on their hands and what they feel about the project. Other than that, the Google glass team and the independent developers also play a crucial part in the stakeholder group because all of their programming and the hard work has gone in this project (Ata et al., 2019). Therefore stakeholders management has been higher in case of dealing with programming and manufacturing. They had a huge portion in the profit ration associated with the project. The stakeholders have played a huge part in the initiation and the manufacturing of the product but other than that, they also have a huge contribution in the pulling out action of the project from the market.
After the initial selling of the glasses, it can be seen that the consumers are not that attracted to this product. Those who have bought the product were not also happy with it as it does not offer many unique things, which are independent. There is a need for the Smartphone and that is the reason why the need for this product has been overshadowed. As the glasses are not that attractive to the...

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