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WEEK 7 work please respond to the following: · Complete all worksheets in the Business Plan Financials Excel Template using your business plan and the appropriate set of guidelines for the company,...

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WEEK 7 work

please respond to the following:


Complete all worksheets in the Business Plan Financials Excel Template using your business plan and the appropriate set of guidelines for the company, For the startup company you chose (C&G’s Spices)


Completing all these worksheets will enable you to finalize the Income Statement, Cash Flow Projections, and Balance Sheet worksheets in the Business Plan Financials Excel Template.


Use the tutorial below to help with completing the Excel (this is linked to the excel part of assignment order #119572).

You will find short videos demonstrating how to complete each of the worksheets.


How to complete the Excel document

Download How to complete the Excel document
( this is under BUS 599 week 5 assignment instructions)

Post a brief description of your business (no more than 3 sentences). Specify your company name, what business you are in, and the specific product(s) or service (s) you plan to sell.


of company


C&G's Spices is the leading provider of high-quality spices and seasonings. The aim of the company is to deliver exceptional flavor and freshness. The company offers a wide range of premium spices that are sourced around the world. The product line-up includes aromatic herbs, vibrant spices, and custom blends for catering to the diverse needs of customers.

Company Name: C&G's Spices

Business: Sell premium spices and seasonings.


Product: High-quality spices including aromatic herbs, vibrant spices, and custom blends.

Important Notes:


You have already completed the Setup and Marketing Budget worksheets in your Marketing Plan and Budget assignment. (Order number XXXXXXXXXXweek 5 marketing plan and budget assignment file)


Make any desired adjustments to these worksheets.

  • You can get more information about the company in other previous orders XXXXXXXXXX, 119361, 119539, 119572)

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Shubham answered on May 22 2023
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Target Market
Demographic Description
C&G's Spices has a diverse demographic profile. The customer base includes various age groups from young adults to seniors. Income ranges is from middle-class to upper-class that are accommodating wide range of budgets. Customers include both genders and encompass diverse family sizes. The educational background of the customers includes high school graduates. Occupations ranges from students and homemakers to professionals from various industries. The company serves a
oad range of customer base that are versatile and high-quality spice products.
Geographic Description
C&G's Spices aims for serving customers in both u
an and rural areas. It includes ensuring accessibility to a wide geographical region. The company targets densely populated areas like u
an centers and subu
an neighborhoods. Locations include malls, grocery stores, specialty food markets and online platforms (Bessaire et al. 2019). This caters climate conditions, providing seasoning options suitable including both hot and cold climates. Products are designed for enhancing flavors and accommodate diverse culinary preferences.
Lifestyle Description
C&G's Spices customers are found shopping from supermarkets, gourmet food stores and online platforms. Customers engage in diverse activities such as cooking, dining out, hosting gatherings and exploring culinary experiences. The clothing style is based on personal preferences and occasions that ranges from casual attire to formal wear. Customers drive a wide range of vehicles includes reflecting individual choices and needs. It provides spice options for enhancing the culinary endeavors.
Psychographic Description
C&G's Spices target market describes food enthusiasts that appreciate quality and flavor. Customers value authenticity requires opening to exploring various cuisines and cooking techniques. Customers are passionate about food and unique flavors for enhancing meals. This opens to em
ace new culinary trends and incorporate cooking repertoire. The company carter dynamic and food-centric target market for providing wide range of high-quality spices and flavor options.
Purchasing Pattern Description
C&G's Spices target market uses product for enhancing flavors of home-cooked meals that adds depth and variety to dishes. This includes buying spices regularly and customers can purchase C&G's Spices through various channels. This includes supermarkets, specialty...

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