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week 2 Discussion post: Segmenting Business Markets Prior to completing this assignment, read Chapter 7. This threaded discussion assignment will concentrate on geodemographic and psychographic...

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week 2 Discussion post:

Segmenting Business Markets

Prior to completing this assignment, read Chapter 7. This threaded discussion assignment will concentrate on geodemographic and psychographic segmentation. You will find information about these subjects within your textbook.

Part 1: To experiment with geodemography, use Clarita’s geoclustering tool locatedhere.hereClick on the "Zip Code Lookup" tab at the top of the page. Use your current zip code or another zip code where you lived previously. Since you are not a member of Clarita’s, you will not have access to all of the bells and whistles the site offers, but you will be able to examine a description of each of the PRIZM clusters that Clarita’s reports for your zip code.You may find it helpful to print each PRIZM cluster profile or copy it into a Word document for analysis, because you must re-enter your zip code each time you view a cluster.After analyzing all of the PRIZM clusters for your zip code, report on your findings. List the clusters by name than answer the following quesitons. Do you feel that the clusters adequately describe the people of your zip code? Which cluster did you feel came closest to describing you? In what ways did the PRIZM cluster description match you? In what ways did it not match you? How might a company use geodemography to aid in its segmentation and targeting?

  • MyBestSegmentsMyBestSegments

Part 2: To experiment with psychographic segmentation, discover what VALS type you are by going to taking the VALS Survey. Report on your primary and secondary VALS segment profile (provide the description, not just the segment name). Do you think the results of the survey accurately describe you? Why or why not? From a practical standpoint, how might a company use VALS?

Post Part 1 and Part 2 by Wednesday.

  • Strategic Business Insights - The US VALS SurveyStrategic Business Insights - The US VALS Survey

Remember to make at least two quality peer responses by Sunday!

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Week 2 Assignment:2

PG&E Case Study

Read the PG&E Case Below. analyze the case by answering the following questions:

  • PG&E CasePG&E CaseWord Document(302 KB)
    1. Who are the target customers and what are their motivations to save energy? How can a marketer segment this audience in a meaningful way? (Hint: See Case Study Attachment A for the list of industries served.)
    2. What are the media habits of the target market? Is there anything special about the media habits of small and medium-sized businesses and their leadership that one should consider?
    3. What are the challenges facing PG&E regarding their current integrated marketing communications program?
    4. What steps of the planning process should PG&E include in its marketing communications?

Write a Case Study Response (i.e, Report) 2 pages long answering these questions in your essay response, and not a summary of the case. Review the rubric. Make sure you cite any references used properly (APA style) and submit your report by Saturday before midnight.

Original work is expected. Grammar and spelling will be graded also.

Click on the "Week Two Assignment - Case Study" link above to submit your assignment, as well to get more information regarding the due date and grading rubric.

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Soumi answered on May 09 2020
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Running Head: PG&E CASE STUDY        1
PG&E CASE STUDY         6
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
1. Target Customers    3
2. Media Habits of the Target Market    3
3. Challenges facing PG&E regarding their cu
ent integrated marketing communications program    4
4. Steps of Planning Process for Marketing Communications    4
Conclusion    4
References    5
    As per the case study, the major motivation behind of the target customer behind energy savings is the reduction in the cost. A marketer can analyze the energy requirement of the customers. This essay presents the analysis in this context, by refe
ing to PG&E.
1. Target Customers
The target market of PG & E are the small and medium sized customers in the Northern and Central California. The target customers can be categorized based on the industry in which they operate. The target customers can be classified into food services, hospitality and others. They small and medium scale industries try to keep the expenses to a minimum so that the overall cost can be kept within acceptable limits (Zhang, Lin & Newman, 2016). Some customers require heavy machineries for production that demands high-energy requirement. Analyzing the energy requirement of each industry, the target customers were classified into retail, school and colleges, municipality and others.
2. Media Habits of the Target Market
The small and medium scale business enterprise use social media a lot to promote their products and services. As advertising on social media platforms does not require a cost, the medium size firms use it as an effective tool to advertise their products. According to the opinion of Ardani and Margolis (2015), the media habits of small-scale business is different from that of multinationals corporates. The control...

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