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XXXXXXXXXXPPC Reflection Essay – 2 Professional Development Note: 1. The length of reflection essay 2 is 2000 words. Variation of 5% is excepted. Submit Word file of your assessment on vUWS. Use Arial...

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Reflection Essay – 2 Professional Development

1. The length of reflection essay 2 is 2000 words. Variation of 5% is
excepted. Submit Word file of your assessment on vUWS. Use Arial font
and font size 11.

2. Make your own cover sheet with title and name and student number.

Q1. The purpose of the résumé and the covering letter is to get an interview for a job.
Your task is as follows:
a. Select an advertised vacancy from a newspaper or online job board, for a job
ole in the area of your specialisation/expertise. Think positively about the
particular skills and abilities you possess which are suited to this position. List
. Scan selected advertisement and attach it as an image along with your
assignment. Give the source of advertisement.
c. Prepare a covering letter for the selected position according to the guidelines
listed in the advertisement. The covering letter should be between XXXXXXXXXX
words or roughly a one-page part of your résumé and should
iefly address
each of the points in the selection criteria. It should relate your experience to
the key qualifications in the job advertisement.
d. Prepare your résumé for the position you selected above. The résumé should
e a simple statement of your background and should include your name,
address, academic qualifications, membership of any professional
organisations, and ho
ies and personal interests. A
ange your job
experiences in reverse chronological order stating with who you worked for, and
how long you worked for them; give a
ief of the job responsibilities and any
key achievements in bullet points. The length of résumé should be between
XXXXXXXXXXwords or roughly 2-3 pages.
Q2. Write one page (approximately 500 words) reflection about this unit.
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Akansha answered on Jun 06 2020
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Q1: Cover Letter and Resume    2
Cover Letter:    4
Resume:    6
Q2: Reflection of the unit    10
Establishing boundaries    10
Encouraging improvement    10
Maintaining accountability    10
Effective leadership    10
References for Reflection:    11
Q1: Cover Letter and Resume
Selected Job Vacancy:
Title: Civil Engineer-for Canada & Australia, Poland & Germany
Organization: Maple Fly Services Pvt Ltd.
Nature of job: Work Permit Based
Details of Organization
Company Profile: (As given in the advertisement)
Maple Fly Services Pvt Ltd.
Maple Fly International is an Immigration Consultancy firm provides services for various Immigration matters for various Countries including Skilled workers, Family Sponsorship, Business Visas, Provincial Nominee Programs, Student Visas and Work permits to you with excellent exposure to the global world.
Job Description:
Key responsibilities and Tasks:
Analysis and Determination of the construction methods
Analysis of the materials required for the construction
Studying the quality standards and drafting specifications
Making development plans for construction
Directing Site labo
Monitoring Design Changes
Assessing Cost effects
Negotiation of designs
Value Estimation
Structural system analysis for dynamic and static loads
Designing robust structures
Designing the physical aspects of the transportation systems. Etc.
Web Link to the vacancy:
Cover Letter:
THoomu Santhosh Kuma
Western Sydney, Australia | Mobile No: 0452524233| [email protected]
[Present Date]
[Hiring Manager’s Name]
Maple Fly Services Pvt Ltd.
Respected Authorities,
I would like to apply for the position of Civil Engineering Graduate as advertised by your organization on website. I completed my bachelor’ degree in Civil engineering in the year 2016 and am cu
ently pursuing my masters at Western Sydney University. During my study experience, internships and other relevant part-time jobs I have gathered the skills required for the design and development of the technical systems and sophisticated civil structures to be used in structural buildings and different civil engineering domains or working fields. My key strength areas range from management and maintenance of the inventory levels of the organization, implementation of the preventive maintenance checks and reviews, monitoring and inspection of the work or construction sites in order to ensure the safety of the associated stakeholders, supervising the workers, contractors and sub-contractors (both in-house and external parties) as well as training of the new staff and workers to ensure that they can understand the organizational preferences and policies. I believe that the skills that I have gained from this job experience along with my previous job experiences will add significant worth to the applied position and in turn the organization itself.
Additionally, I also pose prior working experience in multiple multi-disciplinary projects as a part of my other job experiences, academic and personal projects. This has helped me develop an innovate mindset that focuses on the development of stable, cost-effective and high-quality structural innovation.
As a capable and hardworking individual, I have successfully gained technical skills and expertise in multiple corners relevant to my profession. In order to further enhance my competitive and technical skills, I am seeking a job opportunity that presents an innovative and challenging nature so as I can not only prove my abilities but can significant value to both my personal career and the organization I will work for. With the similar target in mind, I would appreciate the opportunity to become a part of a highly reputed and esteemed firms such as yours for elevating my career in the construction industry.
I have attached my cu
iculum vitae along with this letter in order to provide you with relevant information about my professional, educational as well as personal background. Please have a look at the same for a more...

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