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Week 1: Find a Recalled Product View Full Description and Attachment(s) Find a Recalled Product This is a fun exercise and helps get inside your experience with Food and Beverage Reverse Logistics. Go...

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Week 1: Find a Recalled ProductView Full Description and Attachment(s)

Find a Recalled Product

This is a fun exercise and helps get inside your experience with Food and Beverage Reverse Logistics.

Go to the Course Guide and/or the Program Guide and find out more about recalls. Review thewww.recalls.govsite.

1.Identify one food or beverage product that has been recalled this year and how the process was provided to the public?

2.What are the significant problems and issues with recalling food and beverage product?

Note: If you have trouble reading any ofthe words, you canpress Ctrl and the plus sign (Ctrl +) tozoom your screen and Ctrl and the minus sign (Ctrl -) to un-zoom your screen.

There is so much to discuss from the US to the UK food supply chains, to the food consumer, the procurement of food and beverages, and even some events at the RLA in F&B to discuss with you - maybe part of your career plans.
This discussion helps usbetter understandthe following learning objective:
LO-1Identify the concepts and procedures needed for a food and beverage product recall from a manufacturer and from a retail store.

LO-2Identify the concepts, procedures and issues to manage food and beverage waste and recycling operations.

LO-3Describe the ethical behavior requirements and issues in handling food and beverage products returned to a manufacturing company and a retail store.

LO-6Identify emerging trends of problems and potential solutions for reverse logistics management operations within the food and beverage industry.

Instructions:Your initial post should be at least 250 words. Please respond to at least2 other students initial post. Responses should be a minimum of 100 words and include direct questions.
Forum postings are required as per APUS policies and are graded events. You can view the Grading Rubric for the Forums in the "Forum Guidelines,..." discussion forum.
Students are required to make at least three (3) postings per week for the current Forum topic. This includes One initial posting responding to the topic and at least two classmate postings that provideevaluation and constructive analysis.

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Shashank answered on Jun 08 2020
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Find a Recalled Product
Recalled product of Conagra Brands
The message from federal government is clear that they don’t want people to consume Banquet “Family Size Salisbury Steaks and Brown Gravy”. There has been recent news about the occu
ence of contamination in the meals produced by Conagra Brands which are made from pork, beef and poultry. The primary source of contamination has been identified as pieces of bones and some extra materials. The recall has been declared of products which weigh around 135,159 pounds or 67 tons after the inspection was completed by U.S Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service. This will make up to 800,00 packages as per the agency data. The boxes which have been recalled shows manufacture date of March 10,2018 and has been shipped at nationwide stores. Other specifications include weight of 27 oz., Grill marks exist on packaging, Lot code is 5006 8069 10 05 and best before date is September 01 2019. The establishment number is P-155 which is located on the side panel of package. The USDA inspection mark which is circular in shape has a number 34715...

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