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Table of Contents
Task 1    3
Company’s development need and objectives    3
Vision and mission    3
Company’s culture and readiness to accept any organisational development    3
Personnel for key roles in organisational development    3
Areas of problems for the company    4
Strategies for organisational development    4
Change management techniques    4
Organisational development plan    4
Training personnel about development objectives    5
Approach for solving issues while development    5
Task 2    6
Consultative process to maximise participation in development process    6
Approaches to problem solving while training    6
Communication process    6
Alternative proposals to implement organisational developmental activities    6
Managing conflicts between individuals and groups    7
Intervention plan in accordance with developmental plan    7
Report    7
References:    9
Task 1
Company’s development need and objectives
In the modern world, there is an ever-increasing demand for wireless mobile handsets. Due to the rapid changes in the, market scenario, the organisation is facing a wholesome of problems that has made it difficult for the organisation to sustain in the market. The objectives of the development is to be the market leader in the mobile handset industry and to contribute to the society through actives research and innovation.
Vision and mission
The vision of the organisation is to develop the best technologically advanced mobile handset across the job and be a company that extends benefit to whole society.
The mission of the organisation is to undertake extensive research, innovation to provide best quality handsets that meets international standards. It also aims to make a healthy contribution to the whole society
Company’s culture and readiness to accept any organisational development
The organisation has an experienced top-level management. It has operation across the globe and each regions headed by a local national. The organisation has a committed workforce too. Even in such tu
ulent situations, the organisation has an operating surplus of greater than 5% of turnover. This is appreciable as delivery such numbers in tu
ulent market conditions is recommendable.
The organisation has an innovative culture in its organisation. According to the opinion of Samuel et al. (2015), employee strive hard for the achievement of organisational goals. In addition to that, the employees are enthusiastic to learn new things that makes it easy for the organisation to provide training regarding new concepts. Therefore, the organisation is ready for any sort of organisational development.
Personnel for key roles in organisational development
In organisational development, the top-level management will play a major role (Belias and Koustelios, 2014). In addition to that, individual national head of a country will be playing the role of a motivator to ensure that there is no resistance to change on the part of the employees. Active training will be provided to the employees of the organisation
Areas of problems for the company
The major areas of problem for the organisational will be procuring finance for the organisational developmental process. Maintaining the unique value proposition in the tu
ulent market will be a major issue. In addition to that, imitation is a major issue in the technology industry. Huge expenditure on research and innovative will not be fruitful if the technology is imitated by the competitors.
Strategies for organisational development
The strategies for organisational development are improvement in technology through research and innovation in the field of technology. In addition to that, partnership will be playing an integral role in the development of the organisation for the benefit of the society. The...

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