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Shashank answered on Mar 30 2020
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Identify and
ief relevant legislative and regulatory requirements for sustainability.
· Waste Frame Directive states that all member should ensure that waste disposal should be done using those process and methods which shall not harm the environment and endanger human health.
· The energy Performance Directive require the business to manifest the energy efficiency of building in case of any activity is conducted in terms of construction, renting or selling.
· All Air conditioning systems must be inspected which are above 250kw.
· All the relevant stakeholders should be having personal understanding of legislations to ensure compliance.
From case study, identify sustainability initiatives.
Sustainability initiatives that are identified in the case are:
· Installation of programmable AC and lights which saves consumption of energy when not in use. This include both type of functioning i.e. automatic and manual.
· Monitoring the usage of resources used in office i.e. water, electricity and paper. Promoting recycling of paper as much as possible.
· Educating the staff and training them about sustainable practice. Inform the same to customer to ensure less wastage of resources.
Identify the shortfalls in the information supplied.
No information has given by previous measures taken for sustainability development. Any action should only be taken by analyzing efforts made in last attempt. If not done, there might be possibility that actions taken may not produce require results.
Give you recommendations on options based on its effectiveness, timeframes and budgets.
A Plan should be prepared to measure the effectiveness phase wise. In addition to this phase wise monitoring is also required. This is important to produce results at the earliest. Key Performance Indicators should be set which can be used for monitoring purpose and analyze performance. Year 1 should be divided into 4 phases. Performance report should be checked, and appropriate changes should be made in case of any specific action is not producing positive results. Budget should be based on the investment the company is making on its resources....

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