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Unit 1 DQ#1 Triple-Bottom-Line Era 3535 unread replies.5050 replies. In today’s society, businesses are expected to do more than just earn a profit. The concept of a triple-bottom-line orientation is...

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Unit 1 DQ#1 Triple-Bottom-Line Era

3535 unread replies.5050 replies.

In today’s society, businesses are expected to do more than just earn a profit. The concept of a triple-bottom-line orientation is being demanded by people, customers, and even employees.

1. Write one paragraph on how companies are adopting this model, using an example to justify your work.

2. Write one paragraph explaining what makes a good triple-bottom-line model.

3. Using your example model, found in an academic journal article to write one paragraph explaining the strengths and weaknesses of adopting this orientation.

Unit 1 DQ#2 Crowdsourcing

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Many companies are looking to customers and society for assistance in marketing their products since word-of-mouth is a powerful tool.

1. Explain in one paragraph how a company can use crowdsourcing to improve their marketing of the company and the products or services that the company sells.

2. In the second paragraph, explain how crowdsourcing can create a competitive advantage for the company.

3. Lastly, explain how a company can track the ROI of such a strategy since the company is still trying to increase sales beyond improving the company or brand image.

Unit 2 DQ#1 Mission Statement Vs. Company Objectives

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Many companies struggle with the internal battle of making a good quality product while maximizing profits (given that higher quality cost more and lower quality is cheaper). These same concepts carry over to marketing the brand of the company, the more you advertise, the more people will know the company, but then cost are higher.

1. Explain in 1 paragraph how a company can use the mission statement to project a brand and company image that reflects greater trust and customer loyalty?

2. Explain how a company can set business objectives that are not solely focused on profits and still maintain a level of sustainability into the future?

3. Explain how a company can overcome these conflicts of internal interest while providing customers what they want, and still make investors happy from increased profit returns. (using and example company may help your explanations)

Unit 2 DQ#2 Market Research

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Understanding the needs and wants of customers and consumers is critical to provide them with the products and services that will add value to their lives. Look over the different ways of conducting research in the marketplace and determine which methodology you would prefer to use to gather data.

1. Explain which methodology you would select and why that would produce the information you would need for your business.

2. Explain why you would not choose the other methods to collect data (for example: cost, difficulty getting participation, or hard to get good data in a timely manner)

3. Lastly, explain how you could format this data into usable information for the company to turn into a marketing/advertising campaign. (Providing an example would be useful to explain the implementation factor)

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Title: Marketing Management
Unit 1 DQ#1 Triple-Bottom-Line Era    3
1. Adoption of TBL Model    3
2. Attributes of a Good TBL Model    3
3. Merits and Demerits of TBL Model    4
Unit 1 DQ#2 Crowdsourcing    5
1. Using Crowdsourcing by Companies    5
2. Creation of Competitive Advantage by Crowdsourcing    5
3. ROI and Crowdsourcing    5
Unit 2 DQ#1 Mission Statement versus Company Objectives    7
1. Using Mission Statement to Project Brand and Company Image    7
2. Setting Objectives to Meet Sustainability    7
3. Overcoming Conflicts of Interest    7
Unit 2 DQ#2 Market Research    8
1. Justification of Selection for Market Research Methodology    8
2. Selecting Survey over Other Methods of Market Research    8
3. Information to Advertising Campaign    8
Works Cited    10
Unit 1 DQ#1 Triple-Bottom-Line Era
Triple Bottom Line is bodywork of accounting that is an amalgamation of economic, environmental and social achievements. It varies from the usual single line monetary structure of business models and involves social as well as environmental parameters. This orientation includes three aspects: planet, profit and people (3Ps).
1. Adoption of TBL Model
TBL approach molds the business models by allowing them to be more tangible and induce sustainable developments. Ventures having ethical priority to feasibility and sustainability have significant edge to themselves. According to a study by Raj et al., TBL orientation was found to be a widely accepted theory in various industries. When involvement of the theory was studied in different manufacturing industries of U.K and Germany, the orientation was observed to be adopted by social means, which involved limiting the use of child labor. The industries were focused on maintaining environmental balance and were cutting down any measure that could lead to depletion of any natural resources. Different initiatives were developed by the industries to maintain a positive balance between the ecological, social and monetary aspects by implementing TBL theory.
2. Attributes of a Good TBL Model
A good TBL model involves different measures that can alter the process of sustainable development assessed by industries and government, without creating any harm to the profit of the company and to the socio-ecological aspect (Hammer and Pivo). It should represent ecological aspects and review influence of business models on them. It could integrate natural resources, effect of toxic wastes on environment, excessive consumption and depletion of natural resources, quality of water and air etc. it should also address the impact of business models on social issues such as health of people, rate of unemployment, child labor, education, poverty, forced involvement of women as labors etc. A good TBL approach should also consider the economical profit of the company equally as other three aspects. It should consider the revenue of the company, rate of growth, job opportunities and diversity in the business, taxes and expenditures of the company.
3. Merits and Demerits of TBL Model
As stated by Raj et al., TBL model has helped in gaining comprehensive sustainable development in various industries in U.K and Germany. It assists in increased collaboration with the suppliers, which...

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