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da Silva 2 Department of English Research Paper Worksheet I Developing a Coherent Research Paper TOPIC: Sexuality and Gender Equality in certain part of America. 1. In a brief paragraph, explain your...

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da Silva 2
    Department of English                        Research Paper Worksheet I
Developing a Coherent Research Pape
TOPIC: Sexuality and Gender Equality in certain part of America.
1. In a
ief paragraph, explain your research topic. Pretend that you are explaining it to a twelve-year-old.
2. How could anthropology be helpful in discussing this topic. ( Please read the handout “Basic Concepts in Anthropology)
3. Why did you choose this topic? What about it makes it interesting to you? Consider the discussions we have had in class, our readings, etc.
4. In a
ief paragraph, discuss your previous knowledge about the topic you are researching. Had you heard of it before class? What assumptions do you have about it? What facts do you already know about it? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Guidelines for the Anthropology Project
Guidelines for the Anthropology Project
Joao M da Silva
Department of English, Kingsborough Community College
ENG 2439- Freshman Composition II
June 04, 2020
Author Note
espondence concerning this project should be addressed to: XXXXXXXXXX
Use this paper to explore anthropology’s contribution to your choice of topic in the field of women’s and gender studies. You will have a choice of conducting field research or composing a research paper. Either choice will require that you consult at least two peer-reviewed journal articles from the field of anthropology
Keywords: Women’s and gender issues, field research, critique.
Guidelines for the Anthropology Project
The topic of your anthropology project should relate to the central theme of this class: women’s and gender issues. It is important that your research not only answer, but also ask questions about the aspects of the culture(s) you choose to investigate. The choice of topics is therefore unlimited, so the suggestions below represent just a few of the types of projects you could undertake.
Begin by selecting a topic that captures your interest, and about which you believe you can contribute some important findings, opinions, or insights. The link below provides a list of suggestions, but these should not limit your choice. Your paper should be three-to-four- pages long. and written in APA format. You will need to consult at least three different peer-reviewed journal articles in the field. These references may serve to contextualize your research, or to support your opinions or findings. The sections below will give more details about this project.
The purpose of this assignment is to help you think critically about a work of literature while demonstrating the ability to adopt a critical approach to literature. Additionally, you will develop the ability to articulate your thoughts in the mode of the specific discipline of criticism.
You have a choice of three types of papers. The first choice resembles your first project, the Oral History Report, because you need to report on a project which you would conduct outside of school. The second and third choices are more research-based, and would not require you to observe others.
Field Research
You could write an ethnography focusing on specific aspects of a given culture or subculture. Describe the key points of a culture in which you are interested (a
ief ethnography). Common topics might include:
· Roles of women -or men in the economic system of a society
· Gender relations in a given subculture (Hipsters, Brooklyn housewives, hackers, etc.).
Critique of Anthropology Papers
Alternatively, you could investigate the extent to which a given paper is ethnocentric, soundly conducted, or otherwise. You would include your suggestions to a less biased approach. Important aspects to consider would include:
· Relevance of topic
· Appropriateness of methods and conclusions.
Research on Cultural Anthropology Topics
Conduct research on a topic that you believe to have a strong connection to the themes discussed in class and about which you could contribute significant insight. Examples would include:
· Fashion and its implications across different cultures
· Cultural Assimilation and Acculturation: Specific traits lost in specific cultures.
· Age and class systems in the workplace
Taking into consideration the length of this essay, you should limit your introduction to one paragraph. Use this paragraph to give context to your research, establishing the rationale behind your choice of topic, sources, etc. Most importantly, end the introduction with a thesis statement that encapsulates the main argument of your paper. This one-sentence statement will be developed in detail in the body of the essay.
Each body paragraph should argue a specific point that connects to the thesis stated in the introduction. Use topic sentences to introduce the points you will cover in each paragraph. Additionally, each paragraph should have support for the topic sentence, including discussion, explanation, and examples. Support must also include direct quotations and paraphrased sections. As a whole, the paper needs a minimum of three direct quotations from peer-reviewed journal articles: One should come from the peer-reviewed articles listed on the Schedule of Activities. The other two direct quotations should come from peer-reviewed journal articles you uncover through your own research. Finish your paragraphs with concluding sentences that clearly connect the analysis to the topic sentence.
Conclude your essay with a paragraph that summarizes the information in the essay. This does not have to be a long paragraph, and could include a
ief summary and personal evaluation of the discussion. Here, you should aim to restate the thesis and evaluate the significance of your analysis.
Audience and Context
Your audience consists of the members of this class. As such, you should avoid plot summaries and edit and review your analysis for both coherence and form. Your analysis should be well-thought and well-presented, adhering to the standards of the discourse community of this discipline.
· The text of your paper should be between three- and- four- pages long.
· Format your paper to APA guidelines. The paper must have a title page,  an abstract, a main body, and a section for references. Please consult the APA guide of your choice, or visit the Purdue OWL APA guide for further help with APA formatting).
· Include a minimum of two direct quotations from peer-reviewed journal articles that you find through your own research.
· Include at least one direct quotation from one of the peer-reviewed articles listed in the Schedule of Activities.
· Use the editing tool of your choice; e.g., MS Word’s Grammar and Spell Check, Grammarly, Google Docs’ Spelling and Grammar Check. Carefully scan your paper for grammar and style mistakes, and submit the cleanest, best paper you can.
· Make full use of the resources available to support you while composing this paper. Besides my guidance, get help from the Li
ary Department, the Center for Academic Writing Success, etc.
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da Silva 3
    Department of English                        Research Paper Worksheet I
Developing a Coherent Research Pape
TOPIC: Sexuality and Gender Equality in a certain part of America.
1. In a
ief paragraph, explain your research topic. Pretend that you are explaining it to a twelve-year-old.
The topic of this present research is based on the process of sexuality and gender equality in a specific part of America. Sexuality is not defining regarding the having process of the sex of one person; it only describes the sexual feelings of a person. Therefore, thoughts, attractions and behaviors of a person towards the other power, are also designed with the process of sexuality. Based on the process of sexuality, one can easily find other people based on different factors such as physical appearance, emotional attachment and sexual behaviors (Griggs et al. 2017). The aspects that are helping in case of creating attractiveness among the others are also noted as the sexuality of that person. Within this context, it must be mentioned that sexuality is one of the personal processes, and it is an essential part of every person. Discovering the process of sexuality can be attractive and can deliver a positive experience. In case of feeling a hard time regarding sexuality, everyone should talk with his or her close ones regarding that matter.
Gender equality is also defining sexual equality for every person in the social structure. The process of gender equality is offering equal rights and opportunities to every human being to access their participation in economic decision-making. Therefore, this process also helps in shaping behaviors, aspirations and needs equality among human beings towards others in the society based on regardless of gender (Pateman, 2016). Furthermore, gender equality in the development of the thinking ability of individuals in terms of the betterment of society.
2. How could anthropology help discuss this topic. ( Please read the handout "Basic Concepts in Anthropology)
Anthropology is offering the scientific study of humans and their behaviors to others the society based on their past and present behavioral aspects. Studying process of anthropology is offering a detailed view regarding the cultural meaning, norms and values of human beings in social contexts. Therefore, biological development of human beings is also studied with multiple parts of anthropology. Visual images and cinemas are also defined or examined with the introduction of anthropology studies. Human activities that are studied by anthropology are focusing on the physical evidence, and this process is denoted, as the disciplines in case of adopting own rights of groups with the...

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