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To what extent do you agree with this statement? 'Organization and management research is more applied than pure. It also needs to be made more interesting and imaginative.' Include in your essay: •An...

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To what extent do you agree with this statement?

'Organization and management research is more applied than pure. It also needs to be made more interesting and imaginative.'

Include in your essay:

•An introduction that includes a discussion of what organization and management research is and why it is important. • •You then need to outline the current debates about organization and management research that is currently taking place. • •The main section of your essay will examine these debates in an order of importance that you think they should be. • •You will explain the implications of these to theory, practice, and education in organization and management studies. • •Your conclusion will summarize your arguments and make some comment about what you think the future of research in organization and management studies might/should look like. • •Use examples from pure and applied research in organization and management studies to illustrate and support your arguments. • •You are writing an essay that makes an argument so it is okay to use 'I'. You are not simply repeating what the literature said, you are using the literature to develop and support your own arguments.
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Organization and management research
Table of Contents
Discussion of organization and management research    1
Importance of research    3
ent debates    5
Theory, education and practice in organization    6
Conclusion    8
Discussion of organization and management research
Organization and the management research is regarded as the systematic process of obtaining data and resolving the main issues that are cu
ently faced by the company while conducting its business operations[footnoteRef:2]. In the present the market where companied are operating is full of challenges and this sometime leads to decline in the overall performance of the firm in the market. One of the main effectiveness of business and the management research lies in the enhancing the management knowledge and in turn all the business operations can be ca
ied out efficiently in the best possible manner. Furthermore, mainly four factors are being present that are mainly combined with the motive to make business along with management a distinctive focus for the research[footnoteRef:3]. One of the main factor is data accessed by the managers is regarded to be difficult as they perceive information as competitive advantage, secondly trans-discipline approach is present, managers are well educated and they need some data produced through the classical research method and lastly the findings derived must resolve practical management issues. [2: Dawson, Jeremy F. "Moderation in management research: What, why, when, and how." Journal of Business and Psychology 29, no. 1 (2014): 1-19.
] [3: Heding, Tilde, Charlotte F. Knudtzen, and Mogens Bje
e. Brand management: Research, theory and practice. Routledge, 2015.
Further, it is a well known fact that different type of issues are faced within the workplace and this requires formation of different strategies. Therefore, management and business research is conducted. Moreover, organization research is all about obtain data in different areas and analyzing it in most appropriate manner so as to manage the overall operations of the firm in the most effective manner[footnoteRef:4]. Further, organization research can be conducted in different areas such as product research, consumer feedback, financial data etc. All these areas are quite crucial for the business and in turn when right amount of data is obtained then it
ings favorable results for the company in the every business manner. Concept of organization and management research is somehow different. Further, both the type of research is practical study where main focus is on identifying the solution to the problems faced through data collection and in turn analyzing it for obtaining useful findings. [4: Bergh, Donald D., Herman Aguinis, Ciaran Heavey, David J. Ketchen, Brian K. Boyd, Peiran Su, Cubie LL Lau, and Ha
y Joo. "Using meta‐analytic structural equation modeling to advance strategic management research: Guidelines and an empirical illustration via the strategic leadership‐performance relationship." Strategic Management Journal 37, no. 3 (2016): 477-497.
Organization research is applied in the field of finance where it takes into consideration several forms of information such as revenue, sales, cost of the business etc. By undertaking the financial data it is possible for the managers to identify which product range is more profitable and what are the areas that are increasing business cost[footnoteRef:5]. Product related research also lies under the category of organization research like if in case if any business wants to expand its product range or diversification is needed then in such case this type of research is ca
ied out. It helps in identifying whether the real expectations of the target market and in turn it can be known whether new product range can be introduced in the market or not. It has been argued that in the challenging business environment every firm focuses on product research so as to improve its product range by understanding its customer expectations in the better manner[footnoteRef:6]. [5: Joshi, Aparna, Brett Neely, Cynthia Emrich, Dorothy Griffiths, and Gerard George. "Gender research in AMJ: An overview of five decades of empirical research and calls to action thematic issue on gender in management research." Academy of Management Journal 58, no. 5 (2015): 1459-1475.
] [6: Nambisan, Satish, Kalle Lyytinen, Ann Majchrzak, and Michael Song. "Digital innovation management: Reinventing innovation management research in a digital world." Mis Quarterly 41, no. 1 (2017).
Organization and management research also takes into consideration industry analysis as it is a well known fact that management of every organization along with the overall business is interested in knowing about the growth rate of the industry. Further, management is interested in obtaining information about the actual growth rate, recent trends in the industry and along with this other type of aspects that are most crucial for the business[footnoteRef:7]. Therefore, in this case organization and management research mainly involves industry analysis through which company can estimate growth opportunities in the market. [7: Hitt, Michael A., Kai Xu, and Christina Matz Carnes. "Resource based theory in operations management research." Journal of Operations Management 41 (2016): 77-94.
The ultimate objective of every organization is to enhance its business performance in the market and for this it is necessary for the management to have proper knowledge. The knowledge can be in the form of product, industry, customer expectations and resolving the challenges that are cu
ently faced by the business while conducting its overall practices. Management research contributes a lot in enhancing the knowledge level of the management[footnoteRef:8]. For instance if the company is facing quality related issue in its product range then management has conduct research in order to identify what type of co
ective actions are required to be undertaken for boosting quality of the product, costs that will be incu
ed in implementation of the tool, expected outcomes etc. So, this type of information will be needed that will required to conduct management research so that management can understand about the overall issue in the better manner. [8: Linnenluecke, Martina K. "Resilience in business and management research: A review of influential publications and a research agenda." International Journal of Management Reviews 19, no. 1 (2017): 4-30.
Importance of research
Organization and management research plays most important role in the modern era. One of the main importance is that it supports in delivering valid and actual factors where it is a well known fact that through research valid information can be obtained and it can be used within the business for resolving issues or any other challenge that is being faced. Secondly organization research is important for effective decision making[footnoteRef:9]. It has been critically argued that decision making process is ineffective without valid facts and figures. For instance if Ford automobile has to expand its product range in the Australia then in such case research will be undertaken such as market survey in order to know what type of automobile vehicles consumers prefer to purchase etc. Organization research is sometimes significant for expansion of the business like companies have to undertake analysis of...

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