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This task requires students to prepare an in-depth analytical intelligence assessmentusing a real world assigned case study, which will be posted in Week 7. This exercisewill challenge the student to...

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This task requires students to prepare an in-depth analytical intelligence assessmentusing a real world assigned case study, which will be posted in Week 7. This exercisewill challenge the student to write a detailed intelligence assessment using intelligencepreparation of the environment and other analytical approaches to write acomprehensive special analytical product.Please note that the analytical assessment criteria includes a requirement to linkthe theories, issues and challenges within this task to the broader subject-matterknowledge developed through active participation in the lectures, discussions andrequired readings.Guidelines on the preparation of this analytical report, including the case study itself anda detailed marking matrix, will be posted on the learn site. This report will demonstratethe student’s ability to build an in-depth analytical product in textual format.The topic of this critical analysis will be provided in Week 7 of the course and thesubmission date will be 11.55 PM on the Sunday of Week 12. The paper should be3000 words but can be plus or minus 10% and footnotes and bibliography are includedin the word count. As a guide to the extent of research required, use a minimum of 15independent research sources, fully cited (using Oxford or Harvard Referencing Style)and sourced from peer-reviewed academic journals or other highly reputable sources(not newspaper articles), that have been published since 2005. Use 12-point font andsubmit through Turnitin -- individual feedback will be provided in Grademark.
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The Practice of Modern Intelligence
The Practice of Modern Intelligence
Smarthinking Tutor Response Form
Your tutor has written overview comments about your essay in the form below. Your tutor has also embedded comments [in bold and in
ackets] within your essay. Thank you for choosing Smarthinking to help you improve your writing!
Hello, Peter! This is Hanna S., your writing tutor for today. I look forward to working with you on this Essay Centre Review to improve your writing. Let's get started!
*Writing Strength: 
First of all, I would like to commend you for identifying the center of gravity in your analysis in the case of the ISIS group. By specifying the te
itorial tendencies and advantages of the te
orist group, you identify a key strength of the group that delays the efforts in apprehending their te
or attacks. Good job!
Content Development 
Now, I would like to point out that some of your points of discussion are not fully developed yet. Let’s take your discussion of the te
ain as an example. Right now, you only write the following sentence to analyze this aspect:
The availability of the natural resources such as oil and gas makes Iraq and some parts of Syria wealthier. Further, the division in local societies on the basis of their local aspects also disestablished these two nations (Karam & Associated Press, 2015). Due to this, Iraq and Syria was a soft target for ISIS.
In your discussion, you focus on the availability of natural resources. To expand your analysis, take note that the te
ain also pertains to the geographical condition of the area and the topographical knowledge of the group. Considering these concepts, what other insights can you discuss to illustrate how ISIS group possesses an advantage when it comes to the aspect of te
ain? What edge does the group have when it comes to manoeuvring a familiar te
ain? How does this familiarity affect the immediate apprehension of the te
or group?
Elaborate on these details to develop your discussion, Peter. For more information about this area, please refer to an online chapter in our Writer's Handbook:Developing Ideas.
*Peter 9694870 has requested that you respond to the Organisation:   
I also noticed that a section for your assessment of the economic aspect is missing from your cu
ent draft. Based on the instructions in your AD, this discussion is specifically required. To help you get started with your revision, here are a couple of guide questions that you should consider answering:
· What are the economic advantages of the ISIS group?
· Who are their major financiers? What is the motivation of their supporters in providing monetary support for their cause?
· What makes ISIS a strong extremist group in terms of economic advantage?
· How do they utilize their finances? According to intelligence, what are the primary needs and demands of the group in terms of expenses?
Use your answers to these questions to supply the missing section in your draft. :)
*Peter 9694870 has requested that you respond to the Grammar & Mechanics:   
Finally, I would like to address the missing commas from some of your sentences that make use of a coordinating conjunction to connect two independent clauses. Here’s an example from your draft:
Due to this, Jihadi who wants to fight with ISIS or for ISIS enters from the boundary of Turkey and it results as the growth in the number of visitors (Riga, 2015).
You use the coordinating conjunction “and” to connect the two independent clauses. Take note a comma should precede the coordinating conjunction when it is used to make up a compound sentence. Take a look at the following example:
The culinary school offers an exclusive sit-in session, and I am really excited to attend next week.
Place a comma before the coordinating conjunction that you use to connect your two independent clauses. To know more about the proper usage of commas, you may refer to an online chapter in our Writer’s Handbook: Commas.
Summary of Next Steps:
· Develop your discussion.
· Write an assessment for the economic aspect that the conflict has resulted.
· Place a comma in your sentences that make use of a coordinating conjunction to connect two independent clauses.
Thank you for submitting your essay for a review, Peter. I enjoyed helping you with this step in the revision process. I wish you luck in your future writing. Have a good day! ~Hanna S.
You can find more information about writing, grammar, and usage in the Smarthinking Writer's Handbook.
Please look for comments [in bold and in
ackets] in your essay below.
Thank you for submitting your work to Smarthinking! We hope to see you again soon.
Introduction ISIS that is also known as “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” is creating the threat to global security because this group disestablishes the stability and security systems of states. As ISIS grasps te
itory of Iraq and Syria, and proclaims these two states as the state of the caliphate (Gerges, 2014). The te
itories of these states and their environmental aspects are giving unique circumstances to ISIS to conduct combat te
orism against nationals of Iraq and Syria, but also against the people of rest countries (Esfandiary & Tabatabai, 2015). ISIS begins after the Arab Spring. It was also known as Arab revolutions that increased a revolutionary wave which included both non-violent and violent protests, demonstrations, coups, civil wars and riots in the Middle East and North Africa. These incidents gave the place to the birth of ISIS in the Middle East. ISIS is actually an Al-Qaeda franchise that was formed in Mesopotamia in 2004 (Danilovich, 2016). This group used the distu
ance in the Middle East countries such as the conflicts between Iraq and Gulf countries to establish its group in against the Shia Muslims to kill those who are against the Islam or not obey the Islamic culture. Hence, their collective goals are to establish an Islamic world by finishing other religions, convert other religious people into Islam, and motivate people for following Khalifa’s rules. Above motives of ISIS changes the reaction of the global people towards the te
orism because of the intense growth in the killing of innocent people. Due to the global influence of ISIS, most of the countries are facing intense growth in te
orism within their boundaries (Danilovich, 2016). Having said so; this paper will present a report based on intelligence analysis for ISIS on the basis of its te
itories in Iraq and Syria. This report will also evaluate the environment and opponent, and provide an analysis of gravity centres of ISIS. This analysis will describe innovations that help ISIS to take advantages in gra
ing opportunities in acquired states, address its military strength and key vulnerability. The gravity centre of ISIS is its te
itory that will be presented in this report along with the accessibility of the resources, and income sources that helps this organization to run anti-humanitarian operations in Syria and Iraq. With the evaluation of ISIS te
itory, operational environment and opponents, it is stated that loss of ISIS state will take place in future, but the possibility of its growth will also possible that can increase its te
itory as well as its strength against the opponents.
Evaluation of Operational Environment
ISIS has acquired more than 40 thousand square miles in Iraq and Syria. ISIS is trying to replace the boundaries between these two nations, and become an Islamic nation. This group has established caliphate on the Iraqi and Syrian border (Karam & Associated, 2015). Hence, it is a soft target for other nations who want to kill ISIS group. At present, ISIS represents an insurgency without any kind of political boundary, and it is interested to acquire the lands of Jordon and Lebanon to increase its te
itory (Ha
ison, 2014). For this, it has to contact the Islamic te
or groups in both countries that are also strengthening its capacity in outside areas of its te
itory. To develop its Islamic state, ISIS started to develop basic infrastructures under its te
itory to ensure the complete ruling of Caliphate (Gerges, 2014). Therefore, it has developed Shariya courts, agencies for law enforcement, technical experts to provide training to its fighters to handle IT systems and business activities and hospitals. The local supports to ISIS also claim poor efforts of earlier governments in both countries such as Iraq and Syria. Hence, if these two countries want to capture their te
itory from ISIS, they should have to come with effective social policies for their people that can ensure their growth and development (Ha
ison, 2014). Syria and Iraq should also have to give strength to the army by addressing local level disputes and uniting the local communities otherwise defeat of ISIS are not possible.
Other Relevant Aspects
Military Strength
When ISIS was entered in Iraq and Syria, this group was not only killed the army personnel in both countries but also looted their weapons. Therefore, it can be stated that this group has high-grade military weapons. To face air strikes of the U.S., Russia and other countries, ISIS uses the effective strategies, and its survival justified it. According to the location of its te
itory, the fighters of ISIS do not target air strikes from one place. ISIS has divided its fighting forces, and they launch their practices at a small level. With the help of small troops of fighters, this group does not face the larger causality of its members (Alazreg, 2016). But small groups of ISIS open the battles to the army of Iraq and Syria in different places that reduce the collective impacts of the army of both nations. To defeat the ISIS, its opponent nations have started to use the advanced drone technology to capture the moments of the troops before attacking them (Evans, 2012), With the help of this, the Iraqi army is now requiring its te
itory from ISIS. Due to this reason, the members of ISIS group are hiding them in te
ain and local populations. There are several articles in the news that ISIs is losing its operational capability due to the improving strength of the Iraqi and Syrian army. Political supports:
The boundaries of Syria and...

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