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This question paper must be returned Candidates are not permitted to remove any part of it from the exam room Name: Student ID: Signature: EXAMINATION PAPER Term 2020 February Semester Unit Code &...

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This question paper must be returned
Candidates are not permitted to remove any part of it from the exam room
Student ID:
Term    2020 Fe
uary Semeste
Unit Code & Description    MGT804 - Value Chain Management
s    Dr Hadi Rezaei Vandchali / Dr Ali Alavi
Submission Date    15 Jun, 2020
Submission Time    23:59 hours (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Number of Questions    3
Total Marks    40
Exam Weighting    40
Materials Permitted    Open-book
    Question Type
    No Questions
    Possible Marks
    Marks Achieved
    Long Answe
1 Consider that Coles (a retailer in Australia) is sourcing a dairy product from three different geographical locations in Australia and Bangladesh. With the aid of examples, discuss the risks associated with the logistics process related to each location and provide strategies to mitigate the risks. Limit your answer to 500 words.
[10.00 marks]
2 An international airline may purchase meals from suppliers in many different countries. The suppliers will purchase the ingredients from many suppliers. Discuss how to manage the quality of meals in such a complex supply network. Limit your answer to 500 words.
[10.00 marks]
3 Applying the best inventory management practices is important as they help companies to save time and money. Using examples, discuss how implementing the following practices can affect companies’ inventory management. Limit your answer to 1000 words.
· Combining sales and operation planning with inventory management.
· Considering safety stock in determining the inventory level.
[20.00 marks]
MGT804 - Value Chain Management : Official Exam - 17 June, 2019    Page 1/3
MGT804 - Value Chain Management : Official Exam - 17 June, 2019    Page 1/3
MGT804 - Value Chain Management : Official Exam - 20 Nov, 2019    Page 1/3
Answered Same Day Jun 13, 2021 MGT804 ICMS (International College of Management Sydney)


Bhavna answered on Jun 15 2021
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Ans 1. Risks associated with logistic process of Cole’s corporations and its minimisation strategies.
Coles works in dynamic su
oundings that is becoming highly competitive. Operations of enterprise get affected by risks. Continuously evaluating, examining and administering Coles risk is important for efficient management. The organisation function helps Coles to minimise risk that helps to examine cu
ent chances
Strategic Dange
It includes rivalry, client preferences and online distu
Company business is dynamic with cu
ent potential, involving foreign discount retailer, online agent and expert retailer adding to rivalry bazaar. In situation of bad weather incident enterprises adopt continuous procedure for deliver products to store.
To reduce effect of weather change over long period, company assist distributors to execute cu
ent technique and developing procedure and assist weather changes plan to firm. To minimise effect on su
oundings corporation have power plan that adds method to power administration.
Safety of distribution
Potential distu
ance to the distribution of products for resale can exist due to manufacturing risks linked with weather changes, distu
ance of emerging sellers, local rivalry wants and controlled risks
Corporation’s continuous plan to administer distribution network and products to store on bad climate event. Corporation examines products cost to find expense forces and have contract to safeguard eatable types
Coming strategy to mitigate these risks adds evaluation of corporation distribution towards numerous meal types organised in joined project with CSIRO.
Health and Security
Risks associated with health injuries to employees, teammates, clients, distributors due to unsecure job practices.
Cole’s security procedure provides guidelines for corporation to glance after security of teammates, clients, distributors and visitors.
Items and eatable security
Items and eatable and standard are important for Coles. If items are not well standardised then there would be lack of client faith, market profit will come down.
Coles therefore adopt eatable security event by expertise community. Company have guidelines and methods, particular distributor needs for various eatable types. Goods and eatable security group was launched in year 2019 for rigorous improvisation of eatable and good security risks and danger of corporation. Eatable and synthetic ga
age damage the su
oundings and community.
Coles therefore has a chance to lead in minimising eatables and package ga
age within country. Corporations have made people promise to reduce ga
age and develop recycle of waste.
Corporation have ga
age administration plans to assist these promises which adds various eatables contribution partnership that convert eatable ga
age from land and program internally that focus recycling.
Legality and Regulation
The changes of company functions facilitates compliance with legality needs at all steps of government, includes company legality, rivalry and client legal includes the item and eatable security, su
ounding and bio safety.
Company establishes harmony with director and firm bodies, examine cu
ent and nearing legality and guidelines transformation and execute company structure which establishes the benchmark, needs and responsibility for administering compliance duties through the community. Corporation has focussed control in area through the numerous location of compliance, adds guidelines, learning and organisation controls. The structure is associated to assure execution in performing efficiently
Maintaining meal protection has happen to total while it comes to provisions trade and purchaser demand. The cuisine applied on the marketplace has to be of sound condition and dependable for consumption, as highly as not be a informant of illness and infection. For this reason, securing fodder protection and class is to be relevant of intercontinental meaning and a task of cooking producers and governments. During the deal with of allocation cooking harvest get to through completely stages of quantity chain, i. e. complete procedure...

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