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.This paper will be an assessment of a subject not specific to an individual thinker.It will require you to select and treat a variety of thinkers and descriptive and analytical themes pertinent to...

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.This paper will be an assessment of a subject not specific to an individual thinker.It will require you to select and treat a variety of thinkers and descriptive and analytical themes pertinent to the topic under consideration.

The approach to this paper – the questions it raises and addresses – will be similar in kind to that described in option A.The completed paper will be an ideational description and examination of the topic selected; e.g., What kinds of arguments are relevant to the topic?On what assumptions do they rest?How do the arguments and assumptions square with the tradition(s) that is (are) American political thought?Of the arguments you examine, which are the most consistent and coherent?

topic:·Religion in American political thought

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Table of Contents
I.    Introduction    3
II.    Separations of Powers    3
a.    Purpose    4
.    Checks and balances    5
III.    Bill of Rights    7
a.    Madison’s position    7
.    Legacy of the Bill of Rights    10
IV.    Factions    13
a.    James Madison was entirely against the idea of ruling factions.    13
.    James Madison changed his position and created his own political party    14
c.    Legacy    15
V.    Conclusion    15
References    16
I. Introduction
James Madison was an American statesman, diplomat, expansionist, philosopher and Founding Father who served as the fourth president of the United States from 1809 to 1817. His beliefs and principles have had a major effect on the politics of the United States of America. Within his regime, influence of religion on the political thought and action of American politics was controlled to a great extent. This feat was achieved by separation of the operation of the Church with that of the executive. In the American politics religion has played a major role in the devising of the policies and the execution of a number of ideas. From ancient times and even in the present days the influence of religion over the political aspects of The United States of America can be clearly seen with a number of examples.
II. Separations of Powers
After being colonized by Europeans United States of America had faced the advent of Christianity in the mainland. From the independence of America it has been a country of widespread Christian believe and therefore the majority follows this religion. A number of arguments can be put forward for the advent of religious believes in the political thoughts and actions of American people. As stated by Hoover (2020), number of outcomes can also be seen in the political scenario of America because of the influence of religious thoughts within the system. The religion that is followed by the majority of people in the United States of America is Christianity and therefore the influence of this religion has had the most vital effect on the political scenario of America.
a. Purpose
i. In order to keep the legislative, executive, and judicial
anches from becoming too powerful and undermining each others’ duties, it was considered the best solution. Therefore, while framing the policies of the government the Americans to get into consideration the teachings of the Bible to a great extent. As stated by Williams (2018), due to this effect on number of floors in the American executive framed in accordance to Christian faith and those examples can be seen even today after 300 years of independence of the country. Although certain amendments have taken place within the law even today the law in the United States of America remains aligned with biblical teachings. Recent amendments that have taken place within the laws of United Nations of America are completely in accordance to liberal thoughts and actions that have promoted the advent of intermixing of culture and religion within the country. The accordance of the laws of America and the political system in the country can be found to be very similar to those of the European countries because of the influence of Christianity among them. The structure of the American political system including the senate and other forms of governments where framed with certain amount of accordance to the teachings of Christianity within the country.
ii. To maintain stability within the government, this was considered. The exercise of power by any department within the political structure of the country was discouraged. The influence of religion was considered to be of same nature and was treated with equal weight age as that of any other aspect of governance. As opined by Pocock (2017), the cu
ent political aspect of The United States of America can be seen to be in accordance to religious beliefs and thoughts to some extent. However, the belief system that had occupied a major space in the American political structure for a long time has now diminished in stature but the effects to remains because the beliefs are deep rooted within the minds of the people. Numbers of political campaigns are made on religious festivals like Christmas and Thanksgiving, which adds to the gravity of the political grounds that have been created for religious beliefs within the American system. It must be stated that the country has grown very tolerant towards the diversity of cultures and the presidencies have diminished to a great extent. The cultural diversity and the diversity of religions present in America has resulted in the effect of a number of religious believes within the American political system. Protection of religious places and the following of the fundamentals of religion still remains a priority for the American political personalities and is a determining factor for American political power. Executions of laws are also ca
ied out in accordance to the prefe
ed religion of the people concerned. Religious sentiments are given proper importance within the government places and in public.
. Checks and balances
i. Executive
anch - The beliefs of the citizens and belief system that is present within the society of America is a leading factor for the political structure that is present in the country. As opined by Williams (2018), as it is widely known the politics in a country are solely dependent upon the believes of the citizens and therefore it is very important to make sure that the belief system present within the citizens and the political structure of the country are incomplete alignment for proper governing of the state. By keeping the political structure of the country in accordance to the beliefs of the people it can be made sure that they can relate to the political scenario with their believes and that is necessary for proper societal structure within a country. For the sake of the executive of The United States of America it was decided that influence of the church or any other religion will be limited to a certain extent in the law of the country. This would enable government to frame laws and to rule the citizens. Therefore, the ease of the executive was determined by this bill and the work was fixed for the executive to do its work. With this bill the influence of the church was greatly diminished upon the political aspects of The United States of America.
ii. Legislative
anch - The moral principles and fundamental rights that are laid down by every religion are common in the American political system and this is a very important step in making sure that spiritual satisfaction is provided to the people in forms of political affairs. Therefore, it is necessary for the authorities to make sure that it the political thought of America...

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