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Organisational overview 1. Develop an organisational overview that: a. outlines the strategic direction and organisational objectives b. outlines the current size, capabilities and resources of the...

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Organisational overview
1. Develop an organisational overview that:
a. outlines the strategic direction and organisational objectives
b. outlines the current size, capabilities and resources of the organisation, including any notable strengths and weaknesses
c. identifies any gaps between the objectives and the current capabilities and resources.
1. Identify two marketing opportunities that meet the objectives, and evaluate the risks and benefits of each opportunity.
2. Recommend the opportunity that best addresses organisational objectives and:
a. develop a marketing mix strategy that fits within the capabilities and resources of the organisation
b. describe how your strategies align with the strategic direction of the organisation, and give justifications for your selection
c. detail a marketing performance review strategy using an appropriate tool (competitive analysis, life cycle model, value chain analysis, etc.) to review the performance of the organisation against marketing objectives
d. include the metrics to be used in measuring marketing performance.
1. Detail the tactics necessary to implement the strategy you have outlined, including:
a. scheduling of activities to enact the strategy
b. costing
c. accountabilities and responsibilities
d. a plan for coordinating and monitoring scheduled activities, including KPIs.
2. Outline any legal and ethical requirements that impact on the selected tactics.
3. Describe how the tactics fit within identified organisational resources and capabilities.

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Table of Contents
REPORT:    3
Organisational Overview    3
Opportunities    3
Tactics    5
Executive Summary    6
SWOT analysis    7
Marketing Objectives    7
Strategies    7
Implementation    7
Feedbacks from stakeholders:    8
References:    10
Organisational Overview
Houzit is a home ware store chain in context Brisbane, Australia. The company has 15 stores which offer certain things like bedroom and bathroom fittings and decorative items. Main motive of the company is to provide high quality and selected products regarding home ware.
a. Objectives and strategic direction of organisation
Objectives of the company are:
· To reach the sales of the company to $ 20 million per year in next three years.
· To increase the number of loyal consumers from 10,000 to 15,000.
· To establish a
and recognition in context of Brisbane.
. Resources, size and strength and weakness of organisations
The company has 15 stores in Brisbane and each of the stores. There are 15 to 20 full time employees.
Highly skilled and knowledgeable staffs are the main resources for the company.
Customer loyalty and high range of products are key strengths of the company. Limited number of shops in context of the country causes budget limitation which is main weakness for the company. This limitation in budget happens because company is not a large retail chain which consists of only 15 stores and it also does not have business outside of Brisbane.
c. Objective gaps and resource capabilities in contemporary condition
Acquiring more sustainable approach in business is one of the major business objectives for the company. Loyal consumers can be acquired through the process of long term repayment plan which can improve company’s business process through certain ways.
1. Marketing Opportunities meet objectives
The business process is situated in u
an condition of Brisbane which helped the business to grow properly as a product Houzit is providing supports u
an taste and culture. The second objective that aligns with marketing opportunity is that there is a huge market which is outside of Brisbane. Huge market availability outside of Brisbane can create opportunity to expand the business process of the company in certain ways. There is a certain risk in a growing market as immense pressure of established companies can be seen.
2. a. Marketing Mix strategy
    Products: Bathroom fittings products
Decorative items like mi
or, wall paints
Bedroom furnishing, Lighting
    Price: Not to compromise the quality, pricing is medium to high
Price of Bathroom fitting products are between $500 to $15000
Bedroom furnishing and lighting products are between $100 to $20000
    Place: 15 stores in Brisbane
    Promotion: Through TV channels and online...

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