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This is an individual assignment, meaning each student turns one in. Please read the brief narrative below and answer the questions. Bullet points answers are fine where appropriate and your answer...

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This is an individual assignment, meaning each student turns one in. Please read the brief narrative below and answer the questions. Bullet points answers are fine where appropriate and your answer should be 2 pages maximum total for the entire assignment.

Background:You have been asked by your client, March of Dimes, to put together a program for their 250 chapter event organizers. The event organizers are from around the country and in most cases, there is one per state, but larger states have more event organizers. (So, your attendees are other event planners.) The chapter event organizer's job function is to hold up to 6 events each year to raise money for their local chapters. The purpose of THIS annual event is to share with the chapter event organizers new information from the prior year and to share strategies on how to execute creative events and fundraising strategies. The program should be 6 hours total (3 hours before lunch and 3 hours after.) Last year, the event was a disaster. Attendance was low and survey responses showed that those who attended said the program was boring and that they didn't learn anything new. The date of next year's event is Friday May 21st at Treasure Island in Las Vegas. Guests will stay one night and youdo notneed to address room blocks, but you do need to recommend F&B as per question #3.

Please bring your event planning expertise and creative ideas to this assignment! The points break down for each question is shown below.


1. How would you describe the attendee profile for these individuals? Age range, gender ratio, likely education level, and likely political persuasions. You will need to generalize on this, but please support your answer. 5 points.

2. How could you make this event "less boring" and more engaging? Remember: This is primarily a knowledge transfer event.(The majority of your time for this assignment should be focused on this question. Visuals are appropriate if you want to include.)12 points.

3. What would you serve for lunch and snacks; please support your answer. (Moderate budget.) 3 points.

4. What after hours entertainment would you recommend and why? 2 points.

5. Do you think it would be appropriate to have sponsors for this event, why or why not? 3 points.

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Table of Contents
Answer to question 1    3
Answer to question 2    3
Answer to question 3    4
Answer to question 4    4
Answer to question 5    4
References    5
Answer to question 1
Age range: For this fundraising event, there would be a requirement of people from the age group of 20 to 45. Among the people of these age groups, there is the presence of energy to perform any activity, and that must help to complete this event.
Gender ratio: There will be no discrimination in case of selecting participants according to their gender. Both men and women will get equal opportunity to participate in this event.
Likely education: Participants in this event should complete their graduation. Their educational qualification must help them to perform multiple works to achieve the stated goal of this event.
Political persuasion: This event would not require any political persuasion. This event will be free from any political influences.
Answer to question 2
The knowledge transfer event can be made interesting through the application of some aspects at the time of organising that event. The features that could be applied in case of hosting knowledge transfer event are:
· Lights will be...

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