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This is an business report of 2000 word generally its a group assignment but it is an individual task for me and the weight age is 60% of the whole unit so my unit depends on this assignment.

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This is an business report of 2000 word generally its a group assignment but it is an individual task for me and the weight age is 60% of the whole unit so my unit depends on this assignment.
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Executive summary
It is essential for a business to update and review their business processes from time to time to address but the issues that affect the business operation and help in efficiency using resources to maximise profit. The cu
ent study will focus advantages of adopting business process model and strategies by SmartShirt Ltd. And identify the importance of value chain inner lining with the business process model. The study also aims to analyse the problem that has been studied through as in and to be models of business processes. The proposed solution and solution consideration will also be thoroughly and lies to reach upon wallet recommendations for addressing the problems identified in the study relating to SmartShirt Limited.

Table of contents
Introduction    4
BPM and strategy    4
Problem Analysis    6
Proposed Solution    9
Conclusion    12
References    13
To run a business organisation successfully, it is essential that the business ventures need to focus on strategic management and provide immense success to the business ventures. Strategic management involves the formulation and implementation of significant goals and acquires a tremendous fortune as well as organisational profit to the business ventures. As per the view of (), in the case of strategic management of a particular business venture, the initiatives have been taken by the organisation's top management on behalf of the owners. Therefore, it results in delivering better service and engages more customers. This leads to developing an annual profit of business ventures and helps to hold a good position in the global market as well as the national market. This study sheds light on developing an appropriate strategy to enhance the market share of SmartShirt Pty Ltd. Moreover, this study has also focused on the problems regarding the service of the chosen business venture and provides an appropriate solution to overcome those issues and increase organisational profit.
BPM and strategy
The business process management is refe
ed to as a process that helps in analysing and suggesting ways of improving methods of business for the creation of an effective and efficient working in an organisation. As mentioned by Jeston (2014, p.14), BPM is more focused on ongoing processes which follows a similar predictable pattern of business operations. It helps the business inefficient time management taking account of e
ors and increasing accountability of the task done by the employees. It answers data and record keeping and also boosts the morale of employees for working in an organisation for running the operations optimally. As pointed out by Kumar (2018, p.45), it can help SmartShirt Pty Ltd taking control and streamlining the flow of work cost-effectively. The BPM follows a five-step process that is design, modelling, execute, monitor and optimise. The BPM takes control of the entire process of the lifecycle of organisational workings. It helps in improving tangled operations and lead to optimisation of deliverables (Vom Brocke et al. 2014, p.530).
· The BPM connects to business strategy through customer value creation. It will help SmartShirt Ltd to build trust and attract more consumers towards their business.
· It will also help in making the internal operations more transparent.
· It will also help to realise the process points that can produce useful results when automated and the processes which should remain manual. The SmartShirt Ltd can automate the process of maintaining outgoing receipts that are cu
ently placed on the tray. While manual checking if orders through customers name tag must be ca
ied on for reducing chances of e
· It will also help in
inging about customer satisfaction as well as drive the process cost for prioritising improvement externally and lead performance optimisation.
As suggested by Porter and Heppelmann (2014, p.68), value chain refers to a high-level development model that describes the process through which business procure the raw materials and add value to the finished products to sell it to the consumers. Value chain analysis helps in analysing every production step which is required for creating product and ways through which efficiency can be increased. It helps in delivering of maximum value at minimum cost and creation of competitive advantage through the incorporation of value chains and business process model. It will benefit to measure the cost and value related resources and cost reduction strategies can be...

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