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This is a research based assignment. The company should be still in business. Focus areas- Company’s current strategies: describe the strategies and use supporting materials to explain what the...

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This is a research based assignment. The company should be still in business. Focus areas-
  1. Company’s current strategies: describe the strategies and use supporting materials to explain what the strategies are.
  2. Based on the evidence of the last 3-5 years of operations, discuss to see if the strategies were a good or bad fit.
  3. Based on point B, suggest improvements through enhancing the various strategies or introduce new changes of strategies to the company.
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Running Head: STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT        1
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
1. Cu
ent Strategies of the Kroger Company    3
Diversification Strategy    3
Private Label Marketing Strategy    4
Retail Marketing Mix    4
Customer Satisfaction Association Theory    5
Best Value Strategy    5
Focused Differentiation Strategy    6
2. Analysis of the Strategies    7
Diversification Strategy    7
Private Label Marketing Strategy    7
Retail Marketing Mix    8
Customer Satisfaction Association Theory    8
Best Value Strategy    9
Focused Differentiation Strategy    9
3. Suggestions for Improvement    10
Improvement in Cu
ent Strategies    10
Diversification Strategy    10
Private Label Marketing Strategy    10
Retail Marketing Mix    10
Customer Satisfaction Association Theory    11
Best Value Strategy & Focused Differentiation strategy    11
Developing New Strategies    12
Cost Differentiation Strategy    12
Growth Strategy    12
Operating and Accounting    12
Innovation    13
Technological Upgradation    13
Conclusion    13
References    15
    The Kroger Company is one of the United States largest supermarkets, which has been specialised in selling groceries to the people. The company has been equally sending other organic foods, health drinks, baby food to the communities both domestically and internally. It has been a privately owned company, which is having the revenue of $121.16 billion. Kroger has been ranked Fortune 500 by its revenue (The Kroger Company, 2020). Kroger has been operating through its chain of 2000 supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores. This company has been providing 2000 pharmacies and 300 facilities to medical clinics and services.    
1. Cu
ent Strategies of the Kroger Company
The Kroger Company has been operating with 453000 employees until the year 2019. It has the divisions of Inter-American products and various changes. The cu
ent strategy, which has been followed by the firm, is that:
Diversification Strategy
Firstly, apart from focusing on the selling of the groceries to the people both in and out of the United States, the company has applied a diversification strategy for dividing its market place (Gyan, Brahmana & Bakri, 2017). There were few of the handful subsidiaries under the Kroger Company such as the Fred Meyer Jewellers and Albertsons, but the diversification strategy has helped to develop multiple
ands in food outlets such as the Sta
ucks and Donates Pizza.
Additionally, it has diversified their products for the old aged citizens and fitness freaks (The Kroger Company, 2020). This has helped in the increase of the magnitude of the revenue of the company. This has helped in increase of the communication and partnership with the stakeholders, which has a positive impact on the market of the company.
Private Label Marketing Strategy
Kroger has been operating with its own fleet of the trucks and trailers in order to distribute the products. Therefore, in the year 2019, Kroger has used the testing driverless cars for the delivery of the cars, which has been helpful in the increment of the partnership with other autonomous companies (Gumus, Gecti & Yılmaz, 2020). Second, Kroger has been using a three tires “Private label Marketing Strategy”. This strategy has been manufacturing a product by a contract or a third party manufacture and sells under the retailer's
and name.
This Strategy has been used in Kroger company for the offering of the no frills products at the lowest possible prices, which has been used for comparing with the leading national
and for surging up better value and premium for their retail business. This strategy has made the company in getting under its control the authorities of the subsidiaries such as the Peyton’s and the Wesco, which has increased their investment policies. Therefore, Kroger has sought to focus on the skilled employees who could handle these retail business regulations.
Retail Marketing Mix
Kroger has been using the strategy of the Retail Marketing mix. This has been focused on the aspects of the location, price, personnel, services and goods.
The Kroger Company has situated their market place in the midst of the city where the people from all over the city can access it easily. The marketplace and the stores can attract the eyes of the customers so that their customer base can be increased in a greater way (Blut, Teller & Floh, 2018).
The groceries of the company have been kept at the rate ranging from $10-$40. The pricing of the organic food is kept at $5-$20. The range has been kept for suiting the needs of the customers.
Services and Goods:
The services and goods have been delivered by the trucks. Home delivery of the products has been offered by Kroger Company. They also have personals at HR Department and Marketing Agents.
Customer Satisfaction Association Theory
The cu
ent strategy of the company is the Maintaining of Retaining of the Customers. The Kroger Company has been using the “Customer Satisfaction Association Theory”. This theory has been induced by the company, which will be dealing with the
anch of microeconomic surveying regarding the study of how the cutlers have been associated with the marketing of the products of the Kroger and the way; the sellers have been associating themselves with the customers.
The Kroger has been always giving the preferences on the needs of the customers and has made their marketing and production flexible for satisfying the demands of the customers (Harmeling Moffett, Arnold & Carlson, 2017). The Kroger has used this strategy in order to suit all the classes of the United States to involve in their purchase and collecting the review in order to make an improvement of their services both domestically and internationally.
Best Value Strategy
Kroger has been upgrading its technological schisms and forming partnerships as a part of the formulated Kroger Restock Strategy. This restock strategy helps in the transformation of the Kroger to the growth company from the grocery company. Kroger has been applying the “Best Value Strategy”, a competitive strategy, in order to invest in the growth of the organic offerings.
Kroger has been undercutting one of the “Whole Foods” through the initiation of this strategy for generation of the $2million annual revenue for its organic product business solely. With this strategy, Kroger has been liable to beat off its competitors such as Walmart and Aldi. Company has undergone some of the changes in its mechanisms in order to cope with the market competition (Xiao Yun, 2018). Therefore, these two strategies have been guiding Kroger from all its aspects in the retail market scenario.
Focused Differentiation Strategy
The Kroger has was using the Focused Differentiation strategy. This strategy has given The Kroger a competitive edge in order to outperform its rivals by offering a product such as the grocery or health drinks, which is far more superior to its competitors. N adopting a differentiation focus and strategy, Kroger has been leveraging the na
ow market coverage and seeking terms in order to cover the deficiencies, which can be raised from the delivery of the offerings of the products (Li, Zhang & Sun, 2019).
Therefore, differentiation has proved to be beneficial for the company. Through the differentiation strategy, the company has been able to
ing on a new sway and uniqueness on the packaging and designing, which is...

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