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During our discussion of Service Processes, we learned about the Service Triangle: Service Strategy, Employees, and Systems, with the Customer at the center. Part of our discussion involved examples...

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During our discussion of Service Processes, we learned about the Service Triangle: Service Strategy, Employees, and Systems, with the Customer at the center. Part of our discussion involved examples of companies that have provided great customer service to you in the past.
This assignment requires you to identify a company that you think provides great customer service by describing the following:
• Its overall Customer Service Strategy.
• Its Organizational Structure (triangle, square, circle, or combination) and if that contributes to
customer service quality or hurts it.
• Its Service Package.
• How it structures the Service Encounter.
Ideally, you should pick a company for which you are a customer so as to make this assignment personal and not abstract. It doesn't have to be large or well-known (e.g., among the best papers I ever read was from a student who wrote about his favorite bar. However, you cannot use any of the following companies as your topic: Amazon, Apple, Dell, McDonald's, Microsoft, Nike, Netflix, Southwest Airlines, Sta
ucks, Toyota, Wal- Mart, or any on-campus business (if you are at all in doubt your topic choice, please ask me).
Keep in mind this is not just an opinion question ("I like this company because..."), you must back it up with facts and show evidence of critical thinking. If you cite other than common knowledge, be sure to include endnotes and put sources on a separate page at the end (sources do not count toward the word count).
You must group your ideas in a logical sequence and use good phrases to organize your ideas: "I have always believed...", "Evidence of this point can be found..." You may reference information learned from jobs, life experiences, and other courses. Additionally, papers earning full credit must have:
• Flawless spelling (Spell Checkers leave no excuses)
• Grammar and punctuation that reflect 300 course-level writing skills
• Clear premises with concise, well-written, and well-edited content
• Proper length sentences - not choppy but also not long, complex, or run-on
• Key transitional phrases: "for example," or "as a result of," or "another idea that supports my view
You are free to use tables or images to back up your argument, but they do not count against the paper length.
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Sourav Kumar answered on Jun 13 2021
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Modern business is burgeoning by keeping certain aspects of management procedure in mind. These procedures are required to keep the company growing and understand what is required by the market. Mostly the companies today have understood that the customers are the main focus point for any company to build trust and perform better in the market from their competitors. Customer satisfaction has become one of the most viral strategies for the company’s to work their way through in this competitive market. The company working towards the well fare of customers and with a vision to
ing in change to the people they provide the service to have the upper hand at this cu
ent level ever growing market (Zablah, 2016). Service strategies are customized based on the product that is offered to the customers and a well surveyed market is the best to make an impact. Organizational structure of the company plays an important role in customer satisfaction and tells a lot about how the services are suitable to the customers.
About the company:
OYO is a great company in my experience who are evidently focused on customer experience. They are more inclined towards customer engagement and satisfaction rather than only thinking about the company. They know that if the customers are happy their business will flourish. OYO is one of the largest chains of hotels across the world, focused on delivering the best service in the hospitality industry.
Customer strategy:
Oyo believes in working for the customers. The CEO Ritesh Agarwal worked on a problem that was persisting for the customers in booking their hotels of choice at lower prices and without any hassle. I have been their customer and have booked hotel for many occasions while travelling to places unknown. I was very much happy to book from their website which offered me a discount of 50 per cent for the first time. Many testimonials of Oyo have served to...

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