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This assignment is based on all the learning objectives of this unit. There are a total of 100 marks and this assignment will contribute 20% towards the total assessment for this unit. The marking...

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This assignment is based on all the learning objectives of this unit.

There are a total of 100 marks and this assignment will contribute 20% towards the total assessment for this unit. The marking matrix that will be used for this assignment is specified in the LG.

Your assignment should be typed, with double space to allow insertion of comments by reviewer. Use A4 and 2cm margins. Be as concise as possible in your answers, and note that there is specified word limit (2500 words +- 250)

Assignments should be submitted via vUWS. Note that after the due date you cannot remove your submission and replace it. Hence make sure that you submit your most recent / final version and save your document with a suffix indicat final.

For example Family name_SID_ Ass3_Final .

Late assignments will not be accepted without prior approval.

Given there is a choice, you must submit your critique in the folder that assigned for this paper.

Select one of the following papers:

McGann SE, Yeh M, Rodabaugh K, Moysich KB. Higher regular coffee and tea consumption is associated with reduced endometrial cancer risk. International Journal of Cancer 2009;134(7): XXXXXXXXXX.


Enthoven C.A. et al. The impact of computer use on myopia development in childhood: The Generation R study. Preventive Medicine 2020; 132 XXXXXXXXXX

Reflect upon the content of the topics we have covered in this course, and critically appraise the article you have selected.

Please note this is an individual exercise.

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Rahul answered on Jun 05 2021
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The iimpact iof icomputer iuses ion imyopia idevelopment iin ichildhood: i iThe iGeneration iR istudy
Introduction i
Myopia, iis ithe irefractive idefect iof ithe ieye, iwhich ican ibe ico
ected iby ieyeglasses ior imodified ifocal ipoints. iThis iessentially ireduces ithe icrystalline ifocal ipoint ifusion iand i
ings iunnecessary idiffusion iof ithe ieyeball ito ieach iretinal ilayer i. iIn iparticular, iexcessive iintimacy i(D6 idioptres ior igreater iremorse) iis iassociated iwith iretinal idistress, iwhich ican ilead ito ii
eversible ivision iimpairment i. iThe iprevalence iof iproximity ihas iexpanded irapidly iin irecent idecades. iCollege iawareness iin ideep iu
anized iareas iin iEast iAsia iis imore ithan i80%. iHalf-imperfect ipuberty iis ibeing ibuilt inear iEurope i.
Factors iassociated iwith imyopia iinclude ilack iof ioutward iappearance, ilife iexpectancy iclose ito iwork iduration iand iwork iseparation. iThe ispecific icommitment iof icomputerized iscreens iis iunclear iat iall ithe itime ichildren ispend iworking, ialthough ia irunning ireport istates ithat imore ithan i1 ihour iper iday itypically imatures ifrom i0 iyears iold ito i0 ichildren ifor iPC, itablet ior icell. iPhone i. iThere iis istill ilimited ievidence ifor iclose iproximity ito iPC i. iCross-sectional itests ihave ishown ifrictional iresults iand ithere iis ilittle ievidence ifrom ilongitudinal iresearch i. iWe iextracted idata ifrom ia iplanned ibirth icohort igeneration iR istudy ithat iassessed iPC iuse iat i3, i6, iand i9 iyears iof iage. iOur ifirst ithing iis ito idetermine ithe irelationship ibetween iPC iusage iand iproximity iand ihub istretching. iOur inext ipoint iis iclosely irelated ito ithe ipractices iof iPC iuse iand ilong-term ihub igrowth. iThe ithird ipoint iis ito iinvestigate iwhether ithe iclose ieffects iof iwork ican ibe ichanged iby ithe iintroduction iof iopen iair.
2. i iMethods i
2.1. i iStudy i ipopulation i
Generation iR i9778 iis ia ipopulation-based isedentary ibirth ipartner ifor ipregnant iwomen iand itheir iyoung imen iwho iconceive ibetween iApril i2002 iand iJanuary i2006 iin iRotterdam, ithe iNetherlands. iThe inuances iof ithis iinvestigative iphilosophy ihave ibeen idescribed ielsewhere. iOf ithe iunderlying ipartner, i5831 i(55.5%) ichildren ivisited ithe itest isite ibetween ithe iages iof i4 iand i4 iyears. iIn iany icase i(n i= i5076) irecalled ifor iyouth itesting iassessed ifor iPC iuse iof itime ipoint i(age i3, i6 ior i9). iOnly i2 iout iof i5076 iadolescents ihad ino ieye iassessments iand iwere irejected, iwith i5074 ichildren iavailable ifor iexamination. iThe itest isession iwas isupported iby ithe iMedical iEthical iCommittee iof ithe iErasmus iMedical iCentre iof iRotterdam iand ireceived irecognition ifrom iall iparents.
i i2.2. i iEye i imeasurements i
At i6 iand i9 iyears, ivisual iacuity iwas iassessed iwith ithe iLAA igraph iat i3-m iintersection iby imethods iof ithe iinitial itreatment idiabetic iretinopathy istudy itechnique. iTopcon iKR8900 idevices ihave ibeen iused iin ichildren iwith ia ihistory iof ioptometry iwith itarget idigit i(logmark) i(visual ikinase i<0.8 idecimal), iany irate i1 ieye, ior irobotic icyclogenic irefractive ie
or. i. i(Topcon, iJapan). i, i0.1 iLogMAR, iblind ieyesight iand iopthalmic ihistory iof ipeople iwith ino ivision i. iApproximately itwo idrops i(1%) iof icycloponolate i(1%) iwere iappli- icated iat i5-minute istretches, iand irefractory ihail iwas iassessed ifor i30 iminutes iwhen ithe ipupil idistance iwas i≥6 imm iin iany icase. iThe iRobotic iCyclopaque iRefractive iBlender iassessment iwas ipresented ito iincrease ivisibility ifor iall ichildren iduring ithe i9-year itest iphase. iIn iany icase ithe icircular iproportional i(SER) iopt-0.5 idioptre iin ione ieye ihas ibeen ishown ito ibe iclose. iVisual ibiometry iwas iassessed iby ithe iZeiss iIOL-AS500 i. iFor ideterminant ilength i(AL), ithe imean ivalue iof iAL iwas ifound ito ibe ithe iaverage iof ifive ipredictions ifor ieach ieye. iDecimal ivelocity iis idetermined iin imillimeters ieach iyear iby idividing ithe inumber iof iyears ibetween i6-year-olds iand i6-year-olds. iThe imean icenter iof iboth ieyes iwas iused iin ithe itest.
2.3. iComputer iaccess, iexternal idisplay, ireading itime iand ireading idistance
Personal icomputer iuse iand iexternal icontact iwere iassessed iat ithe iages iof i3, i6, iand i9 iyears iusing ia isurvey iof iparents i/ ilegal iwatchmen. iThe iinvestigation iof i"How imuch itime ido iyour ijawans iuse iPCs iat ithe ibeginning iof ithe iday i/ ievening i/ ievening" iwas irequested iindependently ion iweekdays iand iweekdays. iThe iuse iof iPC ifor iall ihours ievery iweek iwas iprocessed iseveral itimes ithroughout ithe iweek iand...

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