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Example text to show kinda how “French connection” should be written how to go about finishing Assignment 2: · We are interested in your views on Bolt’s writing techniques – how he goes about trying...

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Example text to show kinda how “French connection” should be written
how to go about finishing Assignment 2:
· We are interested in your views on Bolt’s writing techniques – how he goes about trying to convince readers, and how well (or poorly – it’s your call) he achieves his objective. We am NOT interested in your views on the topic of defence, French contracts and so. Avoid slipping into a debate with Bolt about his chosen topic.
·  Assignment 2 is not a summary assignment. You do not need to summarise every key point in the way you did in Assignment 1. However, still use your paraphrasing skills to avoid plagiarising.
·  Because Assignment 2 is not a summary assignment, you may quote Bolt (or other sources). However, remember the advice to quote with care, for maximum impact.
·  Opinion pieces by definition seek to be arguments. So what are the essential features in an opinion piece that make it convincing?  The reader or hearer must be ready to accept all these three elements:
 •       The line of reasoning. Is a claim backed up by evidence that leads to a logical conclusion?
 •       The claim or conclusion. Is the claim or conclusion reasonable?
 •     The evidence. Are the facts, observations or information the writer offers in support of the claim true in all respects?
·  While it is necessary to identify and explain appeals to reason (logos), emotion (pathos), and authority (ethos), you will ideally  go further by identifying examples of more specific writing techniques, including 'using language to effect', 'unacceptable evidence',  and 'false arguments' (as detailed in Week 7, 'Writing Critically', in the Study Guide/Reader). You do not need to cover every technique. Aim to find three or four key points, and use your introduction to tell the reader  what you are doing and what you are NOT doing. Another useful source is Hay et al. Making the Grade (4th edn). It’s in the li
ary, and you can also download the ebook from the li
ary catalogue. Make sure you use the 4th edition, not an earlier edition.
·   Remember, again, that this is an assignment about Bolt’s writing techniques. Avoid slipping into the trap (it’s easily done) of arguing about the topic itself.
·   We welcome you using other sources if you choose to, but ensure you do so in the context of Bolt’s writing techniques (not as a way of arguing with Bolt about his chosen topic).
·    Critically, remember to give examples and offer supporting evidence.
·   Aim to write clearly and concisely, remembering the work we’ve done so far on grammar, punctuation, and eliminating unnecessary wordiness. Do several drafts. If you have time, set the draft aside for some time before you do your final draft – fresh eyes will help you. Do a careful proofread when you have finished, by this stage focusing not on the content but looking purely for e
ors and typos.
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David answered on Dec 28 2019
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French connection is one we cannot trust by Andrew Bolt, Northern te
itory news May 2nd.2016, p 13.
The author, Bolt in his newspaper article categorically states that Australia is under grave threat of losing a war in case France does not deliver the said commitment of weapons. This is not the first time that France which is considered to be an unreliable ally, has delayed delivery of weapons...The author cites very clearly instances of four times when France withheld delivery of weapon supply to Australia leading to the country almost losing a war .
The author pertinently questions the ability of Malcolm Turnbull the Prime minster of Australia, in selecting France over the more reliable Japan. This is all the more important in case of a war with China would not Japan prove a more stable ally?
The writer calls this a strategic e
or and cites many examples of how France has defaulted on the supplies of weapons to countries when they needed them the most.
The author’s argument is very strong supported by facts and figures and instances of the unrealiable nature of France in exercising its veto power to buyers of weapons from it.
The use of logos, pathos and ethos in this article:
The appeal to logic in the readers has been
illiantly portrayed when the author logically supports his arguments by pinpointing years of 1967,1980 and 1982 suggesting and informing the...

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